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Violet May Pallant ( 1908 - 1979 ) UK flag
Violet Pallant, 1946

Daughter of Alice Elizabeth Latham (who was born around 1880 in England) and Edward Pallant (who was born around 1876 in England) and who were married on 1905.09.02 in Epsom, Surrey.

1908.04.14 Violet was born in Springfield, Wandsworth, London, England ( Jun 1908, Wandsworth, v.1d, pg.726 )

1908 BIRTH in the Sub-district of Springfield in the County of London
When and Where Born Name if any Sex Father Mother Occupation of Father Informant When registered
Fourteenth April 1908, 77 Swaffield Road Violet Girl Edward Pallant Alice Elizabeth Pallant formerly Latham, of 34 Red Lion Street Wandsworth General labourer A.E. Pallant Mother 77 Swaffield Road, Wandsworth Twenty Fourth April 1908

1909.09.13 Violet's mother died in the Union Infirmary, St. Johns Hill, London, England

1911.04.02 census: Brook Cottage, The Swale, Benhall, Saxmundham, Aldeburgh, Plomesgate, Suffolk

1911 England Census : Brook Cottage, The Swale, Benhall, Saxmundham (5 rooms)
Name Relation Condition/
Yrs married
Age in 1911 Birth Year Occupation Where Born
Mary Ann Hill Head Widow 37 1874 -- Suffolk Bloxhall
William Hill Son -- 14 1897 Farm Labourer Suffolk Snape
Louisa Hill Daughter -- 13 1898 -- Suffolk Shen
Rosa Hill Daughter -- 11 1900 School Suffolk Sudbourne
Percy Hill Son -- 9 1902 -- Suffolk Sudbourne
Violet Hill Daughter -- 8 1903 -- Suffolk Oxford
Agnes Hill Daughter -- 6 1905 -- Suffolk Oxford
Doris Hill Daughter -- 1 1910 -- Suffolk Snape
Thomas Gooding Brother Single 27 1884 Farm Labourer Suffolk Oxford
Edward Pallant Boarder Widower 34 1877 Malsters Labourer (Malting) Suffolk Farnham
Violet Pallant Boarder -- 3 1908 -- Wandsworth Infirmary
William Pallant Boarder -- 1 1910 -- Kings College Hospital London

1911 Violet's father married Mrs. Mary A. Hill (formerly Mary Ann E. Gooding)

1913.03.13 Violet's half-brother Edward Latham (8) emigrated to Canada

1913.09.25 Violet's half-sister Alice Latham (13) emigrated to Canada.

1933 Violet was involved with:

Stanley Robert Long

(Window Cleaner)

Could this be Stanley?: ( Births Apr-May-Jun 1907, Long, Stanley Robert, Croydon, v. 2a, pg.381 )

1938.06.06 Violet was married in Croydon, England ( 2nd qtr. 1938, Croydon, v.2a, pg.1870 ) to:

1938. Marriage solemnized at The Register Office in the District of Croydon in the County Borough of Croydon
When Married Name and Surname Age Condition Profession Residence Father's Name Profession of Father
Sixth June 1938 Eric Clifford Copus 26 Bachelor Motor engineer (journeyman) 465 Brighton Road, Croydon Clarence Copus (deceased) Clerical Officer (Board of Trade)
Violet May Pallant 29 Spinster -- 465 Brighton Road, Croydon Edward Pallant Builder's Labourer
Married in the Register Office by Certificate before me, Philip J. Stevens
Arthur Thorn
Duputy Supt. Registrar
This Marriage was solemnized between us E.Copus in the Presence of us L.Underwood
V.Pallant W.F.J.Carter
Eric Clifford Copus
Eric Copus (1944) Eric Copus (1944)

1912.03 born Wandsworth, England ( unconfirmed: Mar 1912, Wandsworth, v.1d, pg.1276, mother: Finding )

1979 Violet died in Sussex, England

Violet's children:
  1. Ronald Leonard Long UK flag -->> flag of Spain
    Ron Long Ron Long

    Ronald is married to Margaret A. Lindfield

  2. To Auntie Alice, from Keith, Graham, Brenda To Auntie Alice, from Keith, Graham, Brenda.
    Brenda D. Copus UK flag -->> flag of South Africa [card]
  3. Roy Graham Copus UK flag
  4. Keith Allan Copus UK flag

    Keith is married to Heather Marie Burns

More pictures for this bunch (I hope). If these are your baby pictures, sorry about that - I'm hoping they'll help someone make a connection. Please get in touch.
  • [card 1960], [card]
  • Ron ?, 1944, "This was taken indoors but I don't know what is the matter but, I look to serious. Compare it with the little one taken at school. 1944"
  • Violet and Ronnie, "This photo of Ronnie and myself, Ronnie is crying he didn't want to be taken. I have got my teeth out in the photo xx"
  • Ron Long, "not very good of Ron, the sun was in his eyes I think"
  • Violet, Eric, Baby Keith, Sept. 1946
  • Violet, "My husband, baby and myself in the garden"
  • Brenda, "Brenda and her Dad, 1945"
  • Graham, "Graham in the park on his trycle, 1945"
  • "Little Keith, To Auntie Alice, 4 yrs 5 months"
  • "Graham, Keith with scooter"
  • "Brenda, 16 years old on the 14th December

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