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Edward Latham ( 1904 - ???? ) UK flag -->> in 1913, 8 years old Canadian flag
Edward Latham

Son of Alice Elizabeth Latham (who was born around 1880 in England)

1904.12.09 : Edward was born in Epsom, Surrey, England ( Dec 1904, Epsom, v.2a, pg.32 )

1904 BIRTH in the Sub-district of Epsom in the County of Surrey
When and Where Born Name if any Sex Father Mother Occupation of Father Informant When registered
Ninth December 1904, Union Infirmary, Epsom, UD Edward Boy --- Alice Elizabeth Latham a Laundress of Epsom --- J. T. White Master Union Infirmary Epsom Thirty First December 1904

1909.09.13 : When Edward was 4 his mother died in the Union Infirmary, St. Johns Hill, London, England

1909.10.29 : When Edward was 4 he was admitted to Dr. Barnardo's, Sheppard House (182 Grove Road, East London, for boys ages 6-11). He was boarded out at Isleham, then he returned to Leopold House (199 Burdett Road, East London, for boys 10-13).

1911.04.02 : census, Victoria Cottage, Beck Road, Isleham, Cambridgeshire, England

1911 England Census : Victoria Cottage, Beck Road, Isleham, Cambridgeshire, England (five rooms)
Name Relation Age Last Birthday Condition
Years Children born alive Children still living Children who have died Occupation Where Born
Silas King Head 49 Married - - - - Agricultural Labourer Isleham Cambs
Susannah King Wife 48 Married 26 2 2 nil - ?? Suffolk
James King Son 23 Single - - - - Clerk, Railway Isleham Cambs
Ivy King Grandaughter 4 - - - - - - ?? End Middlesex
Harold Walker Border 9 - - - - - School Hackney London
Edward Latham Border 6 - - - - - School Epsom Surrey

1913.03.13 : When Edward was 8 he emigrated to Canada. He sailed from Liverpool, England on the Allen Line Steamship Co.'s Royal Mail Steamer "Corinthian" from London with Dr. Barnardo's group (111 girls, 142 boys) bound for Saint John, N.B., arriving 1913-03-30 at 9:00. There was a stop on 1913.03.15 at Havre, France. Their final destination was Toronto, Ontario for the boys, Peterborough, Ont for the girls. From Library and Archives Canada, Reference: RG 76, Microfilm: T-4828: ship's passenger list- he is on page 30. Number of Souls: Adults: 747, Children: 210. Passengers: Saloon: 0, 2nd Cabin: 190, Steerage: 797. (In the Fall of 1914 this ship was part of the 1st Canadian Troop Convoy)

1913.03.30 : Edward arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, destination Toronto, Ontario, Canada. "When Edward arrived in Canada he was boarded out with Mr. Love of Hiawatha, Ontario and said to be doing well. He moved to the employ of Mr. Fox where he made a splendid impression. In 1927 we learned that he was in the US Marines and in 1930 we learned he had located his sister in Toronto. The last recorded information is in 1943 when we learned he was married and had three children." -- letter from Barnardo's dated 6 September 85

1913.09.25 : Edward's sister Alice Latham (13) emigrated to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

From this point on Edward becomes Albert. I have this Christmas card signed Edward Albert Latham [card]

19?? : He married Ethel Nelson

Ethel Nelson (died 1998.01.17 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Ethel's newspaper clipping that June sent to Betty (Elizabeth Caroline Newbury). It says Ethel's late husband's name was Albert Latham.
Found Ethel's name here : Family Tree of Edward Saunders and Hannah Norton

Edward's Children:

  1. Mervin Latham
  2. Morley Latham
  3. June Latham married George Osburn [card, pg.1], [card, pg.2]
  4. Melvin Latham
Family photo ??, I don't know if this is the right place for these people, there is no note on the back of this photo.
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