The NSERC CREATE Next Generation Optical Networks (NGON) training program aims to provide a dramatically enriched postgraduate training experience in the area of next generation optical networks. The primary aim of the program is to prepare trainees for the optical fiber communications industry, an industry for which innovation is critically important. The trainees will develop the technical and professional skills that are necessary to succeed in an industry characterized by the continual development of more advanced products that offer improved performance at reduced cost. The professional skills development will focus on aspects that are particularly relevant to an innovation-centric industry that thrives on meeting the global demand for information.

Through participation in collaborative research projects, industry internship or international academic placement, annual summer school, and a common graduate course, the NGON program promises to provide a broadbased apprenticeship in both technical and professional skills to best prepare trainees for employment nationally and internationally.

The NGON program emphasizes training in three targeted areas:

Optical networks research: interdisciplinary training:
Trainees will conduct collaborative research projects that span components/devices, subsystems and systems, and involves six faculty members at three universities. A common graduate course on advanced topics in optical networks will also be offerred.

Mobility in industry, academia, public sector:
Trainees will participate in an industry internship or international academic placement to gain experience in a relevant workplace setting.

Professional development:
Trainees will be develope professional skills in industry practices, patent licensing, research management and commercialization, communications and interpersonal skills, and entrepreneurship through workshops and intensive short courses.