Information Sheets

First Day Handout (updated)

C Tutorial Slides


The virtual machine from VMWare can be downloaded, but it does require you to register and give them personal information.

Lab environment. Unpacks to a 377 folder.

Lab 0 Files: lab0mod.c lab0user.c Makefile

Lab 1 Files: lab1.c Makefile

Lab 2 Files: lab2.c Makefile slides

Lab 3 Files: common.c common.h consumer.c producer.c meminit.c Makefile slides slides7

Lab 4 (There are no starting files for this lab) slides

Lab 5: Tutorial Slides client.c Makefile selfcomp.c server

VI Tutorials

Other Editors

C Tutorials

Class Overheads

Several comments about class overheads :

  1. I do not put all details on the overheads on purpose. The overheads serve as a guide to the lecture and contain examples. If you choose to miss a class, then you are responsible to find out from a classmate what you have missed. You are responsible for all material covered in class.
  2. I always review my overheads before I teach each class. Sometimes questions I receive during a class or by email after a class may cause me to change the overheads for the next class (e.g. questions from Tuesday's class may prompt a change to Thursday's class). As a result, overheads are usually available the night before the class. I will not always put up overheads for a given week in advance.
  3. I occasionally fix a mistake pointed out in class after the class, such entries in the list will be marked as changed .

Several classes are given by guest lecturers.You are responsible for the material for the exams.

Quiz1, Quiz2 Quiz3

The class and lab slides are also available as a RSS feed from iTunesU.


This year I'm going to podcast the lectures. These will be available on iTunesU. You can subscribe in iTunes (link) or use the RSS feed (http,feed). The RSS feed should be compatible with any RSS client.