PhD positions in fisheries genomics & conservation.

We seek three motivated individuals to undertake large-scale fisheries genomics PhD projects on each of three focal arctic marine species – Arctic char, Arctic cod, and Northern shrimp. Each incumbent will help to assemble and analyze large panels of SNPs from wild caught individuals from the Lower Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic and deploy a range of statistical and spatial approaches to help define demographically-independent stocks and understand the potential consequences of a dramatically changing Canadian Arctic on marine . Candidates will be part of a dynamic team of researchers seeking to contribute to a community- and science-based Nunavut sustainable fisheries.

Education requirements:

Required background/experience:

Additional desirable experience:


4 years


Department of Biology
Biosciences Complex
Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada


Interested applicants should contact Stephen Lougheed directly. Please include 1) your CV that highlights the relevant skills, 2) a one-paragraph summary of your career goals and why you would like to undertake a PhD at Queen’s, 3) names of three references and their contact information. Closing date: Friday November 27, 2015. Start date: Monday January 4, 2016.


Dr. Stephen C. Lougheed
Baillie Family Chair in Conservation Biology
Director, Queen's University Biological Station
Professor, Biology & Environmental Studies
Queen's University, Kingston ON Canada
K7L 3N6