Neuroscience 403 - Introduction to Neuroimaging

This is the first year this course has been offered (2018) and will normally be offered each January-April term.

This course is currently in progress, and will againt be offered Jan-April 2019. It is currently scheduled for 10:00-11:30, Mondays and 4:00-5:30 p.m. Wednesdays each week. Classes started January 8th.

Classes are in Nicol Hall room 321.

Lectures in class will be supplemented by PowerPoint slides posted on Helix.
At the end of the term students will do a term project which consists of examing/critiquing a current application of neuroimaging.

Neuroscience 803 - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

This is a graduate level course and will normally be offered
each September - December term.

This course will next be offered Sept-Dec 2017, and is scheduled for 10:30-12:00, Mondays and Wednesdays each week. Classes start Sept 11th.

Classes will be in Bracken Library room 122, except for the first class on Sept 11th which will be in room 137 (on the main floor near the elevators)

Lectures in class will be supplemented by matching lecture videos that students can watch on their own time as long as they keep up with the topics to be discussed in each class. Class time will be allocated to questions and discussion of the lectures, as well as new lecture material each week. The lectures are also supported with more detail in the course text book.
At the end of the term students will do a term project which consists of designing an MRI acquisition protocol, which will be used to acquire images of a human volunteer during one session in the MRI Facility.

Registering in the course requires permission from the instructor. This is so that I can determine the range of background training spanned by the students taking the course, and can adjust lectures accordingly.

Contact Patrick Stroman if you are interested in taking this course or want more information.

Textbook on MRI fundamentals, theory, and fMRI theory and applications
Essentials of Functional MRI
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group

published June 2011