Graduate Study

April 2016: All funded student positions in my lab are currently filled. More positions may become available depending on funding availability.
Students who hold funding to support their graduate studies are always welcome. Suitable research projects are availble that will provide many opportunities for learning all aspects of functional MRI, from data acquisition through to develoment of analysis methods. These projects will also provide opportunities for learning aspects of physiology and neuroanatomy related to pain and sensory processing, and are ideal for someone interested in a future career in research.
Previous experience with MRI or fMRI is not required, but you must have a strong desire to carry out cutting-edge research and to learn how to develop new ideas. Serious applicants are asked to e-mail Dr. Patrick Stroman for more information.

Students interested in pursuing MSc or PhD studies should apply to the Centre for Neuroscience Studies Graduate Program.

Undergraduate Honours Projects

Those interested in pursuing an Undergraduate Honours research project in MRI should contact Patrick Stroman to see the lab and discuss possible projects.


Brain Awareness Day in the MRI facility. Grade 6 students experience what it might be like to have an MRI using our sham MR system (this is not a real magnet but one used to train people prior to going into the true magnet). Experiencing the sham magnet