Kluwer Academic Press & Springer-Verlag Merger, 2004

From KAP newletter:
"We are pleased to inform you about the merger between the two scientific publishing companies - Kluwer Academic Publishers (KAP) and Springer-Verlag - our combined company will be known simply as 'Springer' and we will gradually introduce the new name as of July 1.
As a result of the merger, with our combined forces, the new Springer will be the second largest academic publisher in the fields of science, technology and medicine (STM) in the world. Together, the companies will publish 1,250 journals and some 3500 book titles each year, focusing on clinical medicine, biomedicine and the life sciences, economics and statistics, physics and the engineering sciences, mathematics, computer science, social sciences, and the arts."

More details can be found at the KAP News and Springer Press Release pages

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