Summary of ISI Citation Information

Most recent data are from June 2007

Just to re-cap, the ISI numbers one gets in 2007 are actually for the year 2006, and they document citations made in 2006 from papers published in 2004 and 2005 (so 2 previous years).  

The Impact Factor for JOPL for 2006 was 3.016.  JOPL is again 2nd of 17 limnology journals ranked by ISI.

 JOPL is also ranked in two other categories:  Environmental Sciences and Geosciences (multi-disciplinary). For Environmental Sciences, JOPL is ranked 9 out of 144 journals, based on its Impact Factor. For Geosciences (multidisciplinary), JOPL is ranked 6 out of 103 journals.

Once again, these data have to be interpreted cautiously, but clearly JOPL is being read and cited.

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