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A Short History of Journal of Paleolimnology

(compiled January,1998)

As we celebrate our tenth anniversary, several people have asked questions about what, when, and how things happened with JOPL. It seems just so recently that it all began, but already we had trouble remembering and looking up some of these dates! In any event, below is a simple timeline of JOPL's first 10 years.

1) October, 1986. Wil Peters phones JPS from Amsterdam (at home, very early in morning!), to say Kluwer (then Dr. W. Junk Publishers) has decided to start a journal on paleolimnology, and would like him to edit it. JPS agrees to think about it (although he is still half asleep), and to provide an answer by Feb 1987, at the SIL Conference in New Zealand. Wil tells JPS that he has to learn to get by with even less sleep. JPS chuckles, thinking Wil is joking. Wil is not joking.

2) February, 1987. JPS, Jouko Merilainen, and Pertti Huttunen meet with Wil Peters in Hamilton, N.Z., and decide JOPL "might be a good idea"! Much liquid was consumed -- this may have been a factor in the decision. JPS agrees to write up 'Aims and Scope', 'Summaries', and compose a 'Draft Editorial Board' within next 3 months.

3) Summer, 1987. JOPL Editorial Board invited, 'Call for Papers'and 'Aims and Scope' are mailed.

4) June 26, 1987. First JOPL paper submitted.

5) September, 1988. First issue of JOPL published.

6) 1990. At Volume 3, JOPL begins publishing 2 vols a year.

7) August, 1990. JOPL publishes its 50th paper.

8) January, 1991. JOPL publishes its 1000th page.

9) 1992. Bill Last agrees to co-edit with JPS.

10) June 1992. JOPL publishes its 100th paper.

11) November, 1992. JOPL publishes its 2000th page.

12) 1993. With vol. 9, WML and JPS are fully co-editing JOPL.

13) October, 1994. JOPL publishes its 200th paper.

14) December, 1994. Wil Peters, a guiding influence on JOPL's early development, resigns from Kluwer to head his own company. He is replaced by Drs. Rene Mijs early in 1995.

15)January, 1995. JOPL World Wide Web (WWW) Home Page come on line. All are surprised by the amount of traffic!

16) September, 1995. JOPL is accepted into Current Contents and ISI. JOPL is now listed in all relevant abstracting services.

17) October, 1995. JOPL publishes its 4000th page.

18) December, 1996. JOPL WWW Home Page continues to grow, and after 12 months of operation is now attracting about 1000 'hits' per month. Continued growth necessitates moving to a new and larger/faster server and a new url.

19) 1997. JOPL is chosen by Kluwer to be one of the journals to go electronic ("on line"), as well as paper copy.

20) 1997. JOPL expands again to 2 volumes a year of 4 issues each.

Over the first ten years, JOPL has published 5,750 pages. Currently, over 100 manuscripts are being submitted annually.

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