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Editorial, 2008: Journal of Paleolimnology: looking back/looking ahead

Editorial, 2007: Changing of the Guard at the Journal of Paleolimnology

Announcement, 2007: New Editor for the Journal of Paleolimnology

20th Year Editorial, 2007: Journal of Paleolimnology: Celebrating 20 years!

June 2007: The new (2006) ISI data are out

June 2006: The new (2005) ISI data are out

May 2006: JOPL offers Online First Publication

July 2005: The new ISI data are out!

July 2004: MORE great news about JOPL in ISI statistics

Kluwer-Springer Merger

Publisher's Note: Advantages of JOPL Online

September 2003: JOPL continues to make big splash in ISI stats!

Editorial: 100th Issue of JOPL:Reflections and future challenges (Adobe pdf file)

Editorial - JOPL Volume 19, Issue Number 1

A brief history of JOPL

Editorial - JOPL Volume 13, Issue Number 1

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