Journal of Paleolimnology MANUSCRIPT CHECKLIST FORM

A copy of this form will be sent to the corresponding author of each accepted paper. If you prefer to use the form on this web page you must still print it out and send us a signed hardcopy.


___I have completed the "Manuscript Transmittal" form, and have included it in this mailing.

___I have completed and signed the "Permission to Publish" form, and have included it in this mailing.


___I have checked the references, and they are in the proper JOPL style (please consult a recent JOPL issue, or check the JOPL website for details on style).

___Every reference listed in this paper is in the reference list, and every paper in the reference list is cited in the text of the paper.


___I have included a computer disk with the text formatted using: _______________ (please note format, e.g. Word 97, WordPerfect, WordPro, etc.).

The name of the file containing the formatted text is: _________________, and I have also written this on the disk label.

___I have checked to be certain that the FINAL version of the paper is the only version of text that is on this disk.

___I have written the JOPL manuscript number (e.g., JOPL-987) , as well as my name, and the format(s) and name(s) of the file(s) on the label of the disk.


___I have included two hard copies (publication quality) of each figure.

___On the back of each figure, I have written in pencil in one corner the JOPL number of my paper, my name, and the figure number. I have also added an arrow showing which way is UP in the figure.

Springer is now reproducing all figures, including photographs, digitally. In addition to sending high quality hard copies with your final version, we recommend you also send digital versions of your figures. All digital figures must be of high resolution; digital photographs should have a minimum resolution of 1200 dpi and be of relatively large format to minimize blurriness. Gray-scale and line drawings should be no less than 600 dpi and, if possible, higher resolution. Although the preferred format is TIFF, a wide variety of other formats are permissible; please consult the editor. If you are sending digital versions of your figures, please list your figures here, with the file names and formats:

It is acceptable to "zip" the files, but be sure to indicate the compression program used. Please contact the editor if your digital image file cannot fit on a standard CD or if you do not have access to CD burning equipment. In this case, it is possible to submit your figures via a public FTP site that the editor will provide.

___I have written the file names and formats of each figure on the label(s) of the enclosed computer disk(s).

___I have written the file name and format, in pencil, on the back of each hard copy of the figure.


___I have included 2 copies of this manuscript, all disks, and all associated forms in a securely taped/wrapped package that I am sending via Air Mail to my Editor.
(Please note: a large number of envelopes are arriving at the Editor's office very badly torn; please remember that manuscripts & disks can easily break through envelopes during the mailing process; wrap the package securely!).
For Customs clearance coming into Canada, it is advisable to write "Scientific Manuscript for Publication" and "No Commercial Value" on the outside of the envelope.

Once your paper is accepted, you should receive galleys in 6-8 weeks. Please proofread your galleys very carefully, with particular attention to figure quality and table accuracy. Also, please be certain that any editorial changes made by the Editor were accurately corrected in the galley. If you disagree with any final editorial changes, please discuss them with your Editor.

Signature of lead or corresponding author: _______________________

Date: __________________________