Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research

A book series by Springer

Volume 8

Long-term Environmental Change in Arctic and Antarctic Lakes

Pienitz, R., Douglas, M.S.V. and Smol, J. P. (editors)

Hardbound, ISBN 1-4020-2125-9, 562 pages

Table of contents

1. Paleolimnological research in polar regions: An introduction. Reinhard Pienitz, Marianne S.V. Douglas and John P. Smol

2. Geochronology of high latitude lake sediments. Alexander P. Wolfe, Gifford H. Miller, Carrie A. Olsen, Steven L. Forman, Peter T. Doran and Sofia U. Holmgren

3. Physical and chemical properties and proxies of high latitude lake sediments. Scott F. Lamoureux and Robert Gilbert

4. Palynology of North American arctic lakes. Konrad Gajewski and Glen M. MacDonald

5. Algal indicators of environmental change in arctic and antarctic lakes and ponds. Marianne S.V. Douglas, Paul B. Hamilton, Reinhard Pienitz and John P. Smol

6. Aquatic invertebrates and high latitude paleolimnology. Ole Bennike, Klaus P. Brodersen, Erik Jeppesen and Ian R. Walker

7. Use of water isotope tracers in high latitude hydrology and paleohydrology. Thomas W.D. Edwards, Brent B. Wolfe, John J. Gibson and Dan Hammarlund

8. Lake sediments as records of arctic and antarctic pollution. Derek C.G. Muir and Neil L. Rose

9. Paleolimnology of the middle and high Canadian Arctic. Alexander P. Wolfe and I. Rod Smith

10. Paleolimnology of the North American Subarctic. Bruce P. Finney, Kathleen Rühland, John P. Smol and Marie-Andrée Fallu

11. Holocene paleolimnology of Greenland and the North Atlantic islands (north of 60°N). N. John Anderson, David B. Ryves, Marianne Grauert and Suzanne McGowan

12. Paleolimnological research from northern Russian Eurasia. Glen M. MacDonald, Thomas W.D. Edwards, Bruce Gervais, Tamsin E. Laing, Michael F.J. Pisaric, David F. Porinchu, Jeffrey A. Snyder, Nadia Solovieva, Pavel Tarasov and Brent B. Wolfe

13. Paleolimnological studies in arctic Fennoscandia and the Kola Peninsula (Russia). Atte Korhola and Jan Weckström

14. Paleolimnological studies from the Antarctic and subantarctic islands. Dominic A. Hodgson, Peter T. Doran, Donna Roberts and Andrew McMinn

15. Paleolimnology of extreme cold terrestrial and extraterrestrial environments. Peter T. Doran, John C. Priscu, W. Berry Lyons, Ross D. Powell, Dale T. Andersen and Robert J. Poreda

16. Epilogue: Paleolimnological research from arctic and antarctic regions. Reinhard Pienitz, Marianne S.V. Douglas and John P. Smol


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