Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research

A book series by Springer

Volume 6

Past Climate Variability through Europe and Africa

Battarbee R.W., Gasse F., and Stickley C.E. (editors)

Hardbound, ISBN 1-4020-2120-8, 638 pages


Table of contents

1. Introduction ;F. Gasse and R.W. Battarbee

2. Archives and Proxies along the PEP III Transect; F. Oldfield and R. Thompson

3. Oceanic Climate Variability at Millennial Time-Scales: Models of Climate Connections; L. Vidal and H. Arz

4. Between Agulhas and Benguela: responses of Southern African climates of the Late Pleistocene to current fluxes, orbital precession and the extent of the Circum-Antarctic vortex; T.C. Partridge, L. Scott and R.R. Schneider

5. Holocene climatic trends and rhythms in southern Africa; L. Scott and J.A. Lee-Thorp

6. Diatom productivity in Northern Lake Malawi during the past 25,000 years: implications for the position of the intertropical convergence zone at millennial and shorter time scales; T.C. Johnson, E.T. Brown, and J. McManus

7. Late Quaternary climatic variability in intertropical Africa; P. Barker, M.R. Talbot, F.A. Street-Perrott, F. Marret, J. Scourse and E. Odada

8. Decadal and century-scale climate variability in tropical Africa during the past 2000 years; D. Verschuren

9. Late Quaternary climate changes in the Horn of Africa; M. Umer, D. Legesse, F. Gasse, R. Bonnefille, H.F. Lamb, M.J. Leng and A. Lamb

10. Palaeoenvironments, palaeoclimates and landscape development in Atlantic Equatorial Africa: a review of key sites covering the last 25 kyrs; H. Elenga, J. Maley, A. Vincens and I. Farrera

11. Aspects of Nigerian coastal vegetation in the Holocene: some recent insights; M.A. Sowunmi

12. Palaeoenvironmental changes in the arid and sub arid belt (Sahara-Sahel-Arabian Peninsula) from 150 kyr to present; P. Hoelzmann, F.Gasse, L.M. Dupont, U. Salzmann, M. Staubwasser, D C. Leuschner and F. Sirocko

13. Historical chronology of ENSO and the Nile flood record; L. Ortlieb

14. Groundwater as an archive of climatic and environmental change: Europe to Africa; W.M. Edmunds, A. Dodo, D. Djoret, F. Gasse, C.B. Gaye, I.B. Goni, Y. Travi, K. Zouari and G.M. Zuppi

15. Mediterranean Sea palaeohydrology and pluvial periods during the Late Quaternary; N. Kallel, J. Duplessy, L. Labeyrie, M. Fontugne and M. Paterne

16. Palaeoenvironmental changes in the Mediterranean region 250-10 kyr BP; D. Magri, N. Kallel and B. Narcisi

17. Holocene climate, environment and cultural change in the circum-Mediterranean region; N. Roberts, A.C. Stevenson, B. Davis, R. Cheddadi, S. Brewer and A. Rosen

18. Speleothems as palaeoclimate indicators, a case study from Soreq Cave located in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Israel; M. Bar-Matthews and A. Ayalon

19. Climatic and environmental variability in the Mid-Latitude Europe sector during the last interglacial-glacial cycle; J.J. Vandenberghe, J.J. Lowe, R. Coope, T. Litt and L. Zöller

20. Atlantic to Urals – the Holocene climatic record of Mid-Latitude Europe; K. Barber, B. Zolitschka, P. Tarasov and A.F. Lotter

21. Climate variability during the last interglacial-glacial cycle in NW Eurasia; M. Saarnisto and J.P. Lunkka

22. Holocene climate dynamics in Fennoscandia and the North Atlantic; I. Snowball, A. Korhola, K.R. Briffa and N. Koç

23. Recent developments in Holocene climate modelling; H. Renssen, P. Braconnot, S.F.B. Tett, H. Von Storch and S.L. Weber

24. Evaluation of PMIP coupled ocean-atmosphere simulations of the Mid-Holocene; P. Braconnot, S.P. Harrison, S. Joussaume, C.D. Hewitt, A. Kitoch, J. E. Kutzback, Z. Liu, B. Otto-Bliesner, J. Syktus and S.L.N. Weber

25. Famine, climate and crisis in Western Uganda; P. Robertshaw, D. Taylor, S. Doyle and R. Marchant

26. Palaeo-research in Africa: relevance to sustainable environmental management and significance for the future; D. Olago and E. Odada

27. Holocene climate variability in Europe and Africa: a PAGES-PEP III time-stream I synthesis; D. Verschuren, K.R. Briffa, P. Hoelzmann, K. Barber, P. Barker, L. Scott, I. Snowball, N. Roberts and R.W. Battarbee

28. Climate Variability in Europe and Africa during PAGES-PEP III Time Stream II: A Synthesis; T.C. Partridge et al., J.J. Lowe, P. Barker, P. Hoelzman, D. Magri, M. Saarnisto, J. Vandenberghe, F.A. Street-Perrott and F. Gasse



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