Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research

A book series by Springer

Volume 5

Tracking Environmental Change Using Lake Sediments: Data Handling and Statistical Techniques

Birks, H. J. B., Juggins, S., Lotter, A.F. and Smol, J.P. (editors)

2012, XVIII, 745 p. 123 illus., 9 in color. Hardcover. ISBN 978-94-007-2744-1

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Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction, Numerical Overview, and Data-Sets.

1. The march towards the quantitative analysis of palaeolimnological data
2. Overview of numerical methods in palaeolimnology
3. Data-sets

Part II: Numerical Methods for the Analysis of Modern and Stratigraphical Palaeolimnological Data

4. Introduction and overview of Part II
5. Exploratory data analysis and data display
6. Assessment of uncertainties associated with palaeolimnological laboratory methods and microfossil analysis
7. Clustering and partitioning
8. From classical to canonical ordination
9. Statistical learning in palaeolimnology

Part III: Numerical Methods for the Analysis of Stratigraphical Palaeolimnological Data

10. Introduction and overview of Part III
11. Analysis of stratigraphical data
12. Estimation of age-depth relationships
13. Core correlation
14. Quantitative environmental reconstructions from biological data 15. Analogue methods in palaeolimnology
16. Autocorrelogram and periodogram analyses of palaeolimnological temporal-series from lakes in central and western North America to assess shifts in drought conditions

Part IV: Case Studies and Future Developments in Quantitative Palaeolimnology

17. Introduction and overview of Part IV
18. Limnological responses to environmental changes at inter-annual to decadal time scales
19.Human impacts applications of numerical methods to evaluate surface-water acidification and eutrophication
20.Tracking Holocene climatic change with aquatic biota from lake sediments: case studies of commonly used numerical techniques
21. Conclusions and future challenges.- Glossary, acronyms, and abbreviations

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