Authored Books

An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies, 2nd ed. Wiley-Blackwell, 2010 (1st ed. Blackwell, 2004). Translated into: Chinese, simplified characters, 2007, Chinese, complex characters, 2008, Estonian 2008; Japanese and Korean translations in progress. Electronic edition available.

The Art of Science
(with Boris Castel). Broadview Press, 2003 (translated into Korean, 2006)

Science without Myth: On Constructions, Reality and Social Knowledge. Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 1996.

Edited Volumes

The Pharmaceutical Studies Reader (with Jeremy Greene). Wiley, 2015.

Intersections of Pharmaceutical Research and Marketing. Social Studies of Science
34, 2 (2004)

Practices of Modeling and Simulation
(Sergio Sismondo and Snait Gissis). Science in Context 12 (Summer 1999).

Articles and Chapters

“You’re not just a paid monkey reading slides”: How key opinion leaders explain and justify their work. (with Zdenka Chloubova)
BioSocieties, forthcoming
An earlier version published as:
Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics Working Paper No. 26 (2013)

The production and distribution of pharmaceutical clinical trial knowledge: Case studies in the political economy of scientific knowledge.
In Sundar Sarukkai, Gordon McOuat and Jobin Kanjirakkat (eds.)
Narratives of Science and Nature: East and West. (Routledge, forthcoming 2015)

Key Opinion Leaders: Valuing independence and conflict of interest in the medical sciences.
In Isabelle Dussauge, C.-F. Helgesson and Francis Lee (eds.)
Value Practices in the Life Sciences. (Oxford University Press, 2015)

Pushing knowledge in the drug industry: Ghost-managed science.
In S. Sismondo and Jeremy Greene (eds.)
The Pharmaceutical Studies Reader. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell (forthcoming 2015): 31-48.

Deflationary metaphysics
Taiwanese Journal for Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine 19 (2014): 233-252.
Deflationary metaphysics: Response to commentators Chen, Wang, OuYang, and Wang & Hou
Taiwanese Journal for Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine 19 (2014): 299-306.

Key opinion leaders and the corruption of medical knowledge: What the Sunshine Act will and won’t cast light on.
Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics, 41, 3 (2013): 635-643.

Industry sponsorship and research outcome (A. Lundh, S. Sismondo, J. Lexchin, O. Busuioc, and L. Bero). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2012 12. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.MR000033.pub2

Fifty Years of
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Twenty-five of Science in Action
Social Studies of Science 42 (2012) (Introduction to a special section on these two books.)

Medical Publishing and the Drug Industry: Is Medical Science for Sale?
Learned Publishing 25, 1 (2012): 7-15.
A revised and expanded version of an essay originally published in Academic Matters (May 2009): 8-12 and reprinted in University World News 78 (May 31, 2009). A different revised version appeared as “Fachartikel von Geisterhand“ (Susanne Schultz, trans.) in Gen-Ethische Informationsdienst 210 (February 2012): 9-12.

Corporate disguises in medical science: Dodging the interest repertoire
Bulletin of Science and Technology Studies 31, 6 (2011): 482-92.

Bourdieu's Rationalist Science of Science: Some Promises and Limitations.
Cultural Sociology 5, 1 (2011): 83-97.

Linking Research and Marketing: A Pharmaceutical Innovation. In Vivian Quirke and Judy Slinn (eds.) Perspectives on 20th Century Pharmaceuticals (Peter Lang, 2010, 241-56).

Simulation as a New Style of Research: Iteration, Integration, and Instability
In Gabriele Gramelsberger (ed.)
The Societal and Cultural Influence of Computer Based Simulation: Towards a Philosophy of Computational Sciences. (Diaphenes Verlag, Berlin, 2010: 151-63)

Publication Ethics and the Ghost Management of Medical Research (Sergio Sismondo and Mathieu Doucet). Bioethics 24 (2010): 273-283.

Publication Planning 101: A Report (Sergio Sismondo and Scott Nicholson). Journal of Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Sciences 12(3) (2009): 273-283.

Ghosts in the Machine: Publication Planning in the Medical Sciences. Social Studies of Science 39 (2009): 171-198.

•Ghosts in the Machine: Response to McHenry. Social Studies of Science 39 (2009): 949-952.

Evaluating Solutions to Sponsorship Bias (Mathieu Doucet and Sergio Sismondo). Journal of Medical Ethics, 34 (2008): 627-630.

How pharmaceutical industry funding affects trial outcomes: causal structures and responses. Social Science and Medicine 66 (2008): 1909-1914.

Pharmaceutical company funding and its consequences: a systematic review. Contemporary Clinical Trials 29, 2 (2008): 109-113.

Ghost Management: How much of the medical literature is shaped behind the scenes by the pharmaceutical industry?. PLoS Medicine 4 (9), e286 (September 25, 2007)

•(Reprinted in Medical Veritas 4, 2 (November 2007): 1515-1519)
•Ghost Management: Author's reply to Gergeny et al. (October 10, 2007)
•Ghost Management: Author's reply to Hirsch and Snyder, and Nori (December 19, 2007)

Science and Technology Studies and an Engaged Program. In Ed Hackett, Olga Amsterdamska, Michael Lynch, and Judy Wajcman (eds.) The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies (MIT Press, 2007, 13-32)

For Realism and Anti-Realism. In Jon Frauley and Frank Pearce (eds.)
Critical Realism and the Social Sciences: Heterodox Elaborations (University of Toronto Press, 2007, 64-73)

Boundary Work and the Science Wars.
Episteme 1 (2005): 235-248.

Pharmaceutical Maneuvers. Introduction to
Intersections of Pharmaceutical Research and Marketing, Social Studies of Science 34 (2004): 149-160.

Maps and Mapping Practices: A Deflationary Approach. In Hans-Jörg Rheinberger and Jean-Paul Gaudilliere (eds.)
From Molecular Genetics to Genomics: Mapping Cultures of Twentieth Century Genetics. London: Routledge, 2004, 203-209.

Sharing Embedded Knowledge: Translation, Socialization, or Coordination.
Queen's Centre for Knowledge-Based Enterprises Framework Papers, 2002.

Deflationary Metaphysics and the Natures of Maps (Sergio Sismondo and Nick Chrisman). Philosophy of Science 68 (Proceedings, 2001): S38-S49.

Island Biogeography and the Multiple Domains of Models.
Biology and Philosophy 15 (2000): 239-258.

Models, Simulations, and their Objects.
Science in Context 12 (1999): 247-60.

Popular Science, Scepticism, and Authority.
The Queen's Quarterly 106 (1999): 103-111.

The Mapping Metaphor in Philosophy of Science.
Cogito 12 (1998): 41-50.

Modelling Strategies: Creating Autonomy for Biology's Theory of Games.
History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 19 (1997): 147-61.

Reality for Cybernauts.
Postmodern Culture 8, No.1 (1997).

Deflationary Metaphysics and the Construction of Laboratory Mice.
Metaphilosophy 28 (1997): 219-32.

The Scientific Domains of Feminist Standpoints.
Perspectives on Science 3 (1995): 49-65.

Some Social Constructions.
Social Studies of Science 23 (1993): 515-53.

•Some Social Constructions: Response to Knorr Cetina Social Studies of Science 23 (1993): 563-69.
•Some Social Constructions: Response to Taylor.
Social Studies of Science 25 (1995): 259-62.

Structure Thirty Years Later: Refashioning a Constructivist Metaphysical Program. In David Hull, Micky Forbes, and Kathleen Okruhlik (eds.), PSA 1992. East Lansing, MI: Philosophy of Science Association, 1992, 300-312.