Current Contributions

General Science & Technology Studies (STS)
Most of my research explores the philosophical consequences of seeing science as a thoroughly social activity. Historical and sociological work on the practice of science should affect our views of a diverse set of issues in the philosophy of science, from the realism/anti-realism debate to the scope of standpoint epistemologies. For this reason I try to be aware of very general issues and trends in the field of STS. I am currently Editor of the journal Social Studies of Science, one of the flagship journals of the field. See also my Introduction to Science and Technology Studies (2nd ed., Wiley-Blackwell, 2010)

Pharmaceutical Knowledge
Drug companies provide pathways on which information flows, and energy to make it flow. Through bottlenecks and around curves, new knowledge is created, and given shape by the channels it traverses. My project is a case study in the political economy of knowledge, of the production and distribution of knowledge. See

Deflationary Philosophy of Science
I combine a down-to-earth or deflationary approach that focuses on ordinary scientific work, while insisting that we can draw philosophical lessons from that work. I argue that by adopting a deflationary attitude we can understand how realism, instrumentalism, and constructivism can all be right about science.