"To educate on issues pertaining to the conservation of biodiversity
and to work to reduce the loss of biodiversity."


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  • http://scbkingstonchapter.wordpress.com/

  • Nature Photo Contest and Silent Auction

    This year's Photo Contest and Silent Auction has come to an end. Thank you very much to all who submitting photos and bid on photos in the silent auction. Congratulations to the 2014 Photo Contest Winners!

  • 1st place : #49 Giant Swallow-tail butterfly by Sophie Gong
  • 2nd place: #90 Busy is a Bee by John Casnig
  • 3rd place: #78 Harbinger by Lydia Rocheleau

  • 1st place: #11 Infinitely Pink by Werdah Iqbal
  • 2nd place: #141 Untitled by Artem Khmara
  • 3rd place: #12 Nature‚Äôs Barstool by Laura Emleton

  • 1st place: #113 Celestial Waters by Laura Embleton
  • 2nd place: #114 Twilight Zone by Husein Nizami
  • 3rd place: #104 Forest Dawn by Sophie Gong

    The overall winner was:
  • #99 Lazy Afternoon by Diana Zhang

    Congratulation to everyone who submitted. We are looking forward to seeing many more amazing photos next year!

    Help Protect Local Species in the Greater Kingston Area

    Amherst Island is an important place for many species at risk and migratory birds. Plans to develop a large-scale wind turbine project on Amherst Island may cause problems for bats and migratory birds.

    For more information on the Amherst Island Project, visit
  • http://www.protectamherstisland.ca/

    The public will have until March 8th to comment on the proposal in the Environmental Registry (EBR 012-0774).

  • Link for the Environmental Registry

    Biodiversity Day 2014

    This year's Biodiversity Day will take place on Sunday, March 23 at the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area during the Maple Madness Festivities.

    Check out Little Cat's Outdoor Centre for information on fish, frogs, storm drain pollution, native gardening and more!

    SCB Meetings:

    Every Tuesday 2:30pm to 4:30pm in the EEB Lounge, Bioscience (take the main staircase up to the fourth floor)

  • SCB's Next Meeting:

    Meetings for the Winter 2014 semester are on Tuesdays from 2:30 to 3:30

    Upcoming events:

    Nature Photo Contest and Silent Auction - March 10th to 14th!

    Fun for the month:

    Each week one of our members presents a "feature creature".
    This week's creature was the Humphead Wrasse!

    Click here for more information on the status of Humphead Wrasse.

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