Queen's Bicycle User Group

A group of people with an interest in cycling devise ways of making Queen's University more cycle friendly. They then put their ideas to the relevant managers and work with them to bring about the necessary changes. As well as improving the infrastructure for existing cyclists, QBUG also tries to convert non cyclists who would cycle if conditions were improved.

If you would like to promote cyclings at Queen's, help improve cycling facilities, or exchange cycling tips on commutting contact Ross Trethewey at the Phys-Ed Centre (rt8@post.queensu.ca) or to subscribe to our mailing list send a blank e-mail to qbug-subscribe@topica.com.

It's free and open to faculty, staff, students and the Queen's Community.

Other Kingston Cycling Groups:

Kingston Bicycling Advisory Committee http://www.kingston.org/kbac

Kingston Velo Club http://www.kvc.ca

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