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POLS 313

Media and Politics -- Fall 2008

This is the the course page for a third year mass media course called Media and Politics in Canada offered at Queen's University.

This page is a resource for students in the course and will be updated often.

Jonathan Rose

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This page will be a repository of student presentations and readings that are not available through Stauffer's E-journal collection.
Due Dates

Essay outline with bibliography

October 16 in class

Mid-term exam

Monday, October 20

Term Essay

Thursday, November 20 no later than 4 PM


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Sept. 11

Murray, Schwartz & Lichter, It Ain't Necessarily So, Introduction, and Chapter one.  


September 15

Murray, Schwartz & Lichter, Chapter Two

David Taras's Media Models Chart

David Taras, Chapter 2


September 22

Murray, Schwartz  & Lichter, Chapter Three


September 25

Joseph Cappella & Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Chapter Three


September 29

Murray, Schwartz & Lichter, Chapter Four

Larry Patriquin, Introduction, Chapter One, Conclusion

John Hannigan, Chapter on ownership


October 6

Corner & Pels, Chapter one, Chapter five

Geoffrey Baym, The Daily Show: Discursive Integration and the Re-invention of Political Journalism


October 13 



October 16

Media Coverage and the Election


October 20

Mid-term Exam -- material will cover readings and lectures up to and including October 6 (Reality TV and the News)


October 23

Guest Speaker:  Greg MacArthur, Globe & Mail


October 27

Presentation (Kathleen Moxie):  Regulating the Media


October 30

Presentation (Josh Clark):  Reporting of Pseudo-Science

Eric Boehlert in Salon Magazine. 

Out of Control: Aids and the Corruption of Medical Science, Harper's Magazine


November 3

Presentation (Brenna Nitkin):  Taking Back the Media


November 6

Presentation (Amy Cada):  Technology and the Media:  the Power of Blogs

Daniel Drezner and Fowler, Power & Politics of Blogs


November 10

Presentation (Eva O'Brien & Archie Matheson):  Media Reporting on Human Suffering


November 13

Presentation (Allison Williams):  Media Portrayal of Race & Gender

Alison Hayford, "From Chicago 1966 to Montreal 1999"

Peter Braham, "How the Media Report Race"

Augie Fleras, "Couched in Compromise:  Media-Minority Relations"



November 17

Presentation (Michael Saposnik):  Media and the Framing of Camp David Accord


November 20

Presentation (Alex Irving):  Media and Socialization


November 24

Presentation (Christine Wadsworth): Media Coverage of War


November 27

Presentation (Madison Howe):  Celebrity Journalism

Corner & Pels, Chapter 5

Civic Journalism and the Media Malaise