Jonathan Rose

Queen's University -- Miscellanea


At one point I began collecting examples of political advertising and government advertising. Youtube and a number of excellent political advertising archives put the brakes to that project.

I also love photography both digital and print.  I have a Nikon D7000 but nothing beats my Contax G2 if only because it's a pretty cool looking titanium camera. A few of my photos are on my flickr site

My latest interest is running. I've done three full marathons, two in Toronto and one in Ottawa.  My best time is 3:42.  I have also run four half marathons (two in Ottawa and two in Toronto) with decent but not great times (1:40 is my best) and a couple 30k races in Hamilton.

I'm training for my next run in the fall.  My goal is to run my Boston qualifying time which may or may not be a ridiculous thing to do.