Lab Personnel




Current Lab personnel & their research interests.

Mina Ghahremani (Post-doctoral Fellow)

Structural and functional characterization of AtPAP26 glycoforms and the lectin AtGLA1 from phosphorus starved Arabidopsis thaliana 

Ryan Kilburn (Biology MSc Student; co-supervisor, Prof. Wayne Snedden)

Dual function of RcCDPK1 in abscisic acid signaling and bacterial-type PEP carboxylase phosphorylation 
Bryden O'Gallagher (Biology MSc Student)

Does peroxidase activity of Arabidopsis PAPs function in ROS metabolism &/or immune responses to pathogen infection?
Jordan Balson (BTech BSc-MScStudent)

Functional genomic studies of RcCDPK1's alternative role in ABA signal transduction
Michelle Chevtochuk  (BTech BSc Student)

Heterologous expression and purification of recombinant AtPAP17 for antibody production
Sanaz Biglou (BTech BSc Student)
Heterolgous expression & purification of the lectin AtGAL1 in E. coli

Some Former Lab Graduates (and their current affiliations)

  • Prof. Glen Uhrig, Assistant Prof., Dept. of Biological Sciences, Univ. of Alberta (starts summer 2017)
  • Prof. Joonho Park, Assistant Prof. & Head of Biochemistry Division, Dept. of Chemistry, Seoul National Univ. of Science & Technology (South Korea)
  • Prof. Greg Moorhead: Prof., Dept. of Biological Sciences, Univ. of Calgary
  • Prof. David Law: Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Biology, Lakehead Univ.
  • Prof. Gale Bozzo: Assist. Prof., Dept. of Plant Agriculture, Univ. of Guelph
  • Prof. Allison McDonald: Assist. Prof., Dept. of Biology, Wilfrid Laurier Univ.
  • Prof. Trevor Moraes: Assist. Prof., Dept. of Biochemistry, Univ. of Toronto
  • Prof. Florencio Podestá: Prof., CEFOBI, Univ. of Rosario (Argentina)
  • Prof. Jean Rivoal: Prof., IRBV, Univ. of Montreal
  • Prof. David Palma: Assist. Prof., The Univ. of Western Ontario
  • Dr. Brendan O'Leary: Discovery Early Career Researcher Awardee (DECRA), Plant Energy Biology, Univ. of Western Australia
  • Dr. Karina Tripodi: Research Associate, Dept. of Biochemistry, Univ. of Rosario
  • Dr. Stephen Duff: Senior Research Scientist and Associate Fellow, Monsanto Company (St. Louis, MO, USA)
  • Dr. Raj Sangwan: Research Director, Central Institute Medicinal Plants, Lucknow (India)
  • Dr. Neelam Singh: Research Director, Central Institute of Aromatic & Medicinal Plants, Lucknow (India)
  • Dr. Hue Tran: Research Manager, Oncolytics Biotech, Calgary
  • Dr. Richard Hodgson: Research Scientist, Ontario Cancer Instit., Univ. of Toronto
  • Dr. Maria Theodorou: Physician, Belleville, Ontario
  • Ms. Suzanne Gerdis: Plant Molecular Biology Research Scientist, Agriculture & Agrifoods Canada (Ottawa)
  • Ms. Whitney Robinson: Lawyer working for Toronto area law firm
  • Ms. Allyson Hill: Senior Policy Advisor for The Minister of Energy, Province of Ontario (Queen's Park, Toronto)
  • Mr. Vasko Veljanovski: Post-doctoral Fellow, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Ardmore OK
  • Mr. Brenden Hurley: PhD Student, Dept. of Cell & Systems Biology, Univ. of Toronto