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Cryptolaemus larva - biocontrol agent used in the Conservatory for mealybug control



Built in 1997, the Queen's University Phytotron includes 6 climate-controlled greenhouse compartments (zones), 26 environmental growth chambers, a prep room and a lab. Environmental control systems enable users to maintain precise conditions for plant research and other biological applications.

We currently support 10 principle investigators and 7 undergraduate laboratory courses. Visits to our Conservatory can be arranged through the Manager.


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 Dale Kristensen, Phytotron Manager
5603 Biosciences Bldg, Dept. of Biology drk1@queensu.ca


Project Highlights:

Phytoremediation : Dr. Dan Lefebvre's lab is studying heavy metal uptake in willows and poplars

Genetic Control of Plant Development: Dr. Sharon Regan's lab is investigating genetic expression in poplars, Arabidopsis and potato.

Plant Metabolism: Dr. Bill Plaxton's lab is investigating plant metabolism using a variety of species including Castor Bean, soybean, and Arabidopsis.

Plant Evolution : Dr. Chris Eckert's lab is investigating factors influencing self-fertilization and floral morphology in limited populations.

Plant Stress and Cellular Response : Dr. Wayne Snedden's lab is studying plant cell response to abiotic stressors.

Zooplankton Communities : Dr. Bill Nelson's lab is investigating factors influencing the ecology and development of zooplankton communities..

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 Zygopetalum crinitum

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