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CryptolaemusCryptolaemus larva: A valuable biocontrol of mealybug pests.


Our tiny conservatory houses more than 150 tropical, subtropical and Mediterranean plant species from a wide range of taxonomic lineages and biogeographic regions, and includes orchids, palms, bananas, bromeliads cacti, and many more. This remarkable display of evolutionary diversity is used to great effect in several undergraduate biology courses, and is the main attraction for visitors to the Phytotron. It is also an inviting place for faculty, staff and students to relax and enjoy the tropical ambience, particularly over the winter months.

Tours of the Greenhouse are given regularly by the facility manager. On these tours visitors are introduced to the ecology of select Conservatory species, the various roles plants play in our society, and some of the plant research conducted here at Queen's.


 Nepenthes maxima, a tropical pitcher plant from SE Asia, and Vanilla orchid with flower.


Specimen Listing
We are continually revising our check list of specimens. Please refer to the link on the left to access the specimen database.



Flame of the Forest

Spathodea campanulata, Flame of the Forest tree from Africa