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About HHPMod

HHPmod is a tool that I wrote to help me in converting WinHelp projects to HTML Help projects. I used the automatic conversion provided in HTML Help Workshop, but when I came to edit the new HTML project to complete the tasks that were not done by the conversion, there were some problems:

  1. The 8-letter file names used to write the new HTML topic files are not related to the original Topic ID's. 
  2. If there are a significant number of topics to manage, it is frustrating to work with the automatically generated file names. My projects have over 100 context ID's and topics per application.
  3. If the original WinHelp project used map or alias files, they are ignored. The user must manually recreate the alias files using the new non-intuitive(!) file names.

HHPMod rewrites the converted project into a new HTML Help project, restoring the original Topic ID names, correcting all the links, and rewriting the alias files. The new HTML project, when compiled, will link correctly to the application's Help Context ID's. You will still have to fix missing images and hot spots, but you will be working with the original Topic ID names. Here are the project relationships:Project Relationships

Current version is 3.2.2  History >