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Paul Y. Peng   Ph.D

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Editorial Services

  • Associate Editor, Canadian Journal of Statistics, 2010 -
  • Statistical Adviser, BMC-series journals, 2013 -
  • Associate Editor, Advances in Statistics, 2013 -
  • Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews, 2014 -
  • Grant reviewer for
  • Reviewer for mainstream statistical journals: Ann of Appl Stat, Ann of Inst of Stat Math, ANZ J of Stat, Biometrics, Biometrika, Biostatistics, Comm in Stat, CSDA, CMPB, IJB, JASA, J of Biopharma Stat, J of Multi Analysis, JRSS BC, JSCS, JSPI, LIDA, Metrika, Scandinavian J of Stat, Stat Sinica, Stat Methodology, Stat Modelling, Stat in Med
  • Reviewer for health journals: BMC Medical Research Methodology, BMC Public Health, CMAJ, Clinical Trials, JCO, Methods of Information in Medicine, Psychometrika


The courses I taught in 2015-2016 include:
  • EPID 401 Biotatistical Data Analysis for Life Science Students
  • EPID 822 Intermediate Biostatistics
  • BMED 860 Fundamentals of Research
Please visit moodle or contact me for details of the courses.

I also taught the following courses at Queen's:

  • EPID 821 Introductory Biostatistics
  • EPID 823 Advanced Biostatistics
  • STAT 486/886 Survival Analysis
  • STAT 968 Advanced Topics in Biostatistics

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