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Limnology Seminar Series

Everyone is Welcome

The Queen's Department of Biology's Limnology Seminar Series is held weekly during the academic year (as well as special sessions during the summer) to explore topics related to limnology, paleoecology, and aquatic science.  All seminars are held in the EEB seminar room beside the lunchroom on the 4th floor of the Biosciences Complex (Rm. 4338), Wednesdays at 12:30 PM. The current but evolving schedule is given below.  Watch for updates.

Presenters will have the opportunity to meet with limnologists in the department (graduate students and professors) and can be provided with temporary workspace and internet access.  The seminar coordinator will set up the room prior to each seminar.  The department will provide audiovisual equipment and a laptop computer.     

To be added to the e-mail distribution list, or to enquire about presenting a seminar, please contact the coordinator Emily Stewart ( Thank you for participating!!

2013-2014 Seminar Schedule (Updated April 10th 2014)


  Sept - 18 - 2013

Ariel Gittens

Queen's Biology, MSc Student
(Nelson Lab)
To migrate, or not to migrate: Two co-existing strategies  for how Daphnia use environmental gradients.

  Sept - 25 - 2013
Dr. John Smol
Co-Director, PEARL
(Queen's Biology)
PEARL Orientation
  Oct - 4 - 2013
Dr. Andrew Paterson
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
Dorset Environmental Science Centre
The evolving science of Lakeshore Capacity Assessment

Oct - 9 - 2013

Cassandra Cummings
Queen's Biology, MSc Student
Climate-related changes in diatom changes in Adirondak reference lakes since pre-industrial times

Oct - 16 - 2013

Kathryn Hargan

Queen's Biology, PhD Candidate
Thick-billed Murres as biovectors on Digges Island: Using paleolimnology to enhance our understanding of Arctic biovectors

Oct - 30 - 2013
Dr. Joshua Kurek
Queen's Biology, Post-doc
The mystery of "rock snot" in Eastern Canadian salmon rivers

Nov - 13 - 2013

Dr. Joshua Thienpont

Brock University
, Post-doc
(Dept of Geography)
Investigating the cause(s) and implications of rapidly expanding lakes in the Great Slave Lowlands

Nov - 20 - 2013

Dr. Mark McCarthy

University of Texas, Post-doc
(Austin Marine Science Institute)
The Hip’s Lake Fever meets Joni Mitchell's River and the Great Big Sea: distal consequences of the failure to control nitrogen in watersheds

Nov - 27 - 2013

Sarah Thompson

MASc Candidate
(Dept of Civil Engineering)

Arctic wastewater treatment: a look at algae, sunlight and disinfection

Dec - 18 - 2013

Dr. Andrew Laursen

Associate Professor, Dept Chemistry & Biology, Ryerson University
Rethinking what we "know" about biogeochemistry in aquative systems: anomalies as norms and the significance of the trivial



Jan - 8 - 2014
Dr. Silvia Newell

Boston University, NSF Post-doc
(Dept of Earth and Environment)
Nitrification in two contrasting environments: the oligotrophic Sargasso Sea and the eutrophic Gulf of Mexico

Jan - 22 - 2014

Dr. Michael Twiss

Clarkson University, Professor
(Dept of Biology)
Trace metal roles in nitrification of the Great Lakes: Evidence from the Lower Great Lakes

Jan - 29 - 2014

Dr. Neal Michelutti

Queen's Biology, Research Associate
Unprecedented ecological change in equatorial high mountain lakes

Feb - 12 - 2014

Dr. Jennifer Korosi

University of Ottawa, Post-doc
(Dept of Biology)
Assessing the environmental impacts of in-situ bitumen extraction in the Cold Lake oilsands



Mar - 5 - 2014

Daniel Lamhonwah

Queen's Geography, PhD Candidate
Arctic water: How sources and pathways are expected to change with a warming climate

  Mar - 12 - 2014

Andrew Labaj

Queen's Biology, MSc Student

Assessing biological recovery of Cladocera from Sudbury-area lakes using paleolimnology

  Mar - 26 - 2014

Dr. Steven Short

Associate Professor, Dept of Biology, University of Toronto Missisauga

The ecology of freshwater phytoplankton viruses: Complex dynamics and new players

Apr - 2 - 2014

Max Boreux

Queen's Geography, PhD Candidate
(Lamoureux Lab)

Environmental controls of lake water chemistry in an esker outwash complex in the Timmins region and their implications for paleolimnological studies 

Apr - 9 - 2014

Moumita Karmakar

Queen's Biology, PhD Candidate
Understanding lake-level fluctuation over the Holocene period in northwest Ontario

Apr - 11 - 2014

Dr. Alex Wolfe
Adjunct Professor
Dept Biological Sciences,
University of Albeta
Ubiquity versus endemism in microscopic eukaryotes: Crytpic diversity in the scaled chrysophytes Synura petersenii

Apr - 30 - 2014

Dr. Sapna Sharma
Assisstant Professor
Dept of Biology
York University
The impacts of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems: A landscape perspective

2013 Summer Schedule
(Updated 19 July 2013)


Jul - 5 - 2013
Dr. Catherine Dalton
University of Limerick

Irish Lake Research

Jul - 16 - 2013

Dr. Joe Bennett

University of Queensland
Navigating the new realities in peer-reviewed publication

Jul - 18 - 2013

Dr. Joe Bennett

University of Queensland

How to avoid common problems in paleoenvironmental assessment models

2012-2013 Seminar Schedule


Sept - 19 - 2012

Dr. John Smol  Co-Director, PEARL (Biology)

PEARL Orientation

Oct - 3 - 2012

Dr. Neal Michelutti

Queen's Biology, Research Associate
Unprecedented Ecological Change in Equatorial High Mountain Lakes

Oct - 10 - 2012
Dr. Roberto Quinlan York University America's most polluted lake: a 200-year response to being beaten with a sledgehammer

Oct - 17 - 2012

Dr. Joshua Kurek
  Queen's Biology, Post-doc
Recent environmental change in the Athabasca oil sands region

Oct - 24 - 2012

Dr. Sarah Finkelstein
University of Toronto
Recent progress on pH reconstructions from Arctic lakes using diatom assemblages

Oct - 25 - 2012

Dr. John Smol

Co-Director, PEARL (Biology)
An EEB talk:
Birds, multiple stressors and sediments: A paleolimnologist’s perspective on ornithology

Nov - 7 - 2012
Larkin Mosscrop Queen's Biology, MSc Student
Long-term stability of cladoceran communities within small, shallow lakes from Muskoka-Haliburton Region

Nov - 14 - 2012
Emily Stewart
Queen's Biology, MSc Student
Tracking 50 years of eutrophication in the Canadian High Arctic: the sewage ponds of Resolute Bay, Nunavut

Nov - 28 - 2012

Dr. Mark McCarthy
University of Texas, Post-doc
(Austin Marine Science Institute)
Lake Fever: eutrophication and the Tragically (Un)Hip role of nitrogen



Jan - 23 - 2013

Water Research Centre Student Symposium: 8:30am – 5:30pm (registration at 8:00am), Robert Sutherland Hall
Keynote Speaker: Scott Lamoureux, Geography Department, Queen's University
"Hydrological and sediment transport impacts of permafrost and climate change in the Canadian High Arctic: established and hints of  new subsurface flow paths"

Jan - 30 - 2013
Katie Griffiths
Queen's Biology, PhD Candidate

Examining the response of High Arctic freshwater diatoms to recent climate change along gradients of elevation and buffering capacity

Feb - 13 - 2013

Raphaël Lavoie

Queen's Biology, PhD Candidate
(Campbell Lab)

Migratory fish-eating birds and food web biomagnification: a spatial analysis of mercury



Mar - 6 - 2013

Dr. Adam Jeziorski

Queen's Biology, Post-doc

The Rise of Holopedium and the Jellification of North Temperate Lakes

Mar - 22 - 2013
(Joint with Biology Department)

Dr. Howard Riessen

Biology Department, SUNY at Buffalo

Kairomones, Calcium, and Daphnia Defenses in Lakes

Apr - 3 - 2013

Brian Kielstra
Queen's Biology, MSc Student
(Arnott Lab)

Landscape-level effects on a freshwater amphipod at the land-water interface

Apr - 5 - 2013
(Biology Departmental)

   Joshua Thienpont

Queen's Biology, PhD Candidate

Examining the impact of regional climate warming and intense localized disturbance on lakes of the Mackenzie Delta region, NWT, Canada

Apr - 10 - 2013

Roxanne Razavi

Queen's Biology, PhD Candidate
(Campbell Lab)

Eutrophication and mercury dynamics: insights from reservoirs in subtropical China

Apr - 24 - 2013

Dr. Wenwei Ren

Tongji University, Shanghai
Shanghai Office of WWF China

  Protection of headwater of Huangpu River in Shanghai, a case study in Dalianhu Lake by  WWF China

2011-2012 Seminar Schedule


Sept - 21 - 2011

Dr. John Smol  Co-Director, PEARL (Biology)

PEARL Orientation

Sept - 28 - 2011
Larkin Mosscrop Queen's Biology, MSc Student

Stormwater ponds and their significance in the changing urban environment

Oct - 14 - 2011
Roland Hall
University of Waterloo
Natural processes dominate the delivery of water and contaminants to the Peace-Athabasca Delta

Oct - 19 - 2011

Alexandra Rouillard
  University of Western Austraila,
PhD Student

Tracking extreme hydroclimatic variability of an extensive wetland ecosystem in semi-arid inland Pilbara, northwestern Australia

Nov - 2 - 2011
Neal Michelutti Queen's Biology, Research Associate
Paleolimnology in equatorial high mountain lakes: project design and preliminary results

Nov - 9 - 2011
Jenny Korosi

Queen's Biology, PhD Student

Anomalous levels of algal production linked to lakewater calcium decline through food web linkages

Nov - 16 - 2011
Scott Lamoureux

Queen's Geography (EVEX)

What is the environmental signal in clastic varved sediments?

Nov - 30 - 2011

Michelle Brazeau
Ottawa University
The historical deposition and microbial redox cycling of mercury in northern Ontario lake sediments

Dec - 7 - 2011

Adam Jeziorski
Queen's Biology, Post-Doc

Aquatic ecosystem responses to rapid recovery from extreme acidification and metal contamination in lakes near Wawa, Ontario

Dec - 15 - 2011
Norman Yan

York University

The risk to zooplankton biodiversity of the spread of Bythotrephes in Ontario



Jan - 11 - 2012

Joshua Thienpont

Queen's Biology, PhD Student

Biological responses to permafrost thaw slumping in lakes of the Mackenzie Delta uplands

Jan - 18 - 2012

John Smol
Queen's Biology (PEARL) A brief history of paleolimnology: where have we been? and where might we be going?

Feb - 1 - 2012
Robert Alvo

Conservation Co-op, Ottawa

Common loon breeding success in relation to lake pH and size

Feb - 15 - 2012

Angelo Sorce

Queen's Biology, MSc Student

Climate change and a biomanipulation in two Ontario Shield lakes: a multi-proxy paleolimnological analysis



Feb - 29 - 2012

Brian Kielstra
Queen's Biology, MSc Student
(Arnott Lab)

How landscape characteristics may influence the colonization and distribution of a freshwater amphipod in disturbed environments

Mar - 7 - 2012

Mike Yuille
Queen's Biology, MSc Student
(Arnott Lab)
Ecological effects of Hemimysis anomala on the nearshore fish communities of Lake Ontario

Mar - 14 - 2012

Emily Stewart Queen's Biology, MSc Student

Contrasting the effects of climate, nutrients, and oxygen on chironomid assemblages in eutrophic Arctic ponds

Mar - 28 - 2012
Kathryn Hargan

Queen's Biology, PhD Student

Developing tools for the study of northern peatland ontogeny: deciphering the ecological optima of diatoms

Apr - 4 - 2012

Moumita Karmakar
Queen's Biology, MSc Student

Understanding lake-level changes within Gall Lake in northwestern Ontario over past 2000 years

Apr - 11 - 2012

Kristina Arseneau

Queen's Biology, PhD Student

Understanding the impact of multiple anthropogenic stressors on Adirondack (NY, USA) lakes - a paleolimnological approach

2010-2011 Seminar Schedule


Sept - 22 - 2010

Dr. John Smol 

Co-Director, PEARL (Biology)

PEARL Orientation

  Sept- 29 - 2010
Dr. Roberto Quinlan York University
The ecology of benthic macroinvertebrates in central Nunavut lakes and ponds

Oct - 06 - 2010

Adam Jeziorski and Josh Thienpont

Queen's Biology,

A new open-source tool to aid in the calculation of 210Pb dates

Oct - 20 - 2010
Dr. David Depew
Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Environmental Studies, Queen's University
Contemporary Cladophora distribution in the Laurentian Great Lakes: Resurgence and Management implications

Nov - 10 - 2010

Katie Griffiths 
Queen's Biology, PhD Student
The ice cube hypothesis: assessing glacial modulation in two lakes from the SW Yukon

Nov - 17 - 2010
Dr. Peter Hodson

Queen's Biology
School of Environmental Studies

Loadings of contaminants to the Athabasca River watershed by oil sands extraction (and why Ed Stelmach disagrees!)

Nov - 24 - 2010
Dr. Carmen Perez-Martinez

Department of Ecology, University of Granada, Spain

Limnology in the Sierra Nevada lakes
Dec - 08 - 2010
Alexandra Rouillard
Queen's Biology, MSc Student

Paleolimnological assessment of environmental changes from Pim Island, Nunavut, High Arctic Canada



Jan - 05 - 2011

No Seminar
Society of Canadian Limnologists Annual Meeting
Toronto, ON (Jan 6-8, 2011)

Jan - 12 - 2011

Mark Kelly
Queen's Biology, MSc Student

Can acid sulfur deposition influence mercury bioaccumulation in fish?

Jan - 26 - 2011

Brendan Wiltse

Queen's Biology, PhD Student

An assessment of recent changes in diatom assemblages from eight "reference" lakes in the Experimental Lakes Area, Northwestern Ontario.
Feb - 2 - 2011
Dr. Katrina Moser

Department of Geography, University of Western Ontario

Are human activities altering remote Uinta mountain lakes, Utah (USA)?: A paleolimnological perspective

Feb - 9 - 2011

Susan Ma

Queen's Biology, MSc Student

Improving our understanding of water availability over millennia: an investigation of drought from nearshore cores from a drainage lake in northwestern Ontario



Mar - 16 - 2011

Jesse Vermaire
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Geography, Carleton University

Reconstructing macrophyte biomass dynamics in temperate lakes

Mar - 23 - 2011

Heather Haig

Queen's Biology, MSc Student

Diatom and chrysophyte inferred changes in effective moisture over the past two millennia from Gall Lake, northwestern Ontario

Apr - 6 - 2011

Dr. Piet Spaak

Department of Aquatic Ecology, Swiss Federal Institute for Aquatic Sciences and Technology

Daphnia hybridization in peri-alpine lakes over space and time

Apr- 20 - 2011

Karlee Flear

Queen's Biology, MSc Student

Investigating the role of recent climate change on assemblages of scaled chrysophytes in boreal lakes from the Experimental Lakes Area, northwestern Ontario

2009-2010 Seminar Schedule



Sept - 23 - 2009

Colleen Inglis

Queen's Biology, MSc. Student
(Arnott lab)

The effects of copper on kairomone-mediated inducible responses by wild Daphnia pulicaria clones from lakes along a copper-contamination gradient

  Sept- 30 - 2009
Dr. John Smol Co-Director, PEARL (Biology)

PEARL Orientation

Oct - 07 - 2009
Dr. Craig Woodward
University of Western Ontario

43 million sheep, 4.3 million people and a handful of paleolimnologists: progress, challenges, and opportunities in New Zealand paleolimnology

Oct - 14 - 2009

Dr. Roberto Quinlan
York University Climate change in shallow boreal lakes - an inference model to track changes in thermal regime?

Oct - 28 - 2009
Timothy Ensom

Carleton University

  Summer Thermal Regime of Mackenzie Delta Surface Waters


Nov - 11 - 2009

Dr. Brian Ginn  
Lake Simcoe Region
Conservation Authority

Monitoring Environmental Change in the Nearshore Zone of Lake Simcoe (Ontario, Canada)

Nov - 18 - 2009

Dr. John Smol  Co-Director, PEARL (Biology) A Brief History of Paleolimnology: Where have  we been and Where might we be going

Nov - 25 - 2009

Jessica Hawryshyn
Queen's Biology, MSc Student
Tracking ecological history in a multiple stressor system: a paleolimnological study of Lake Simcoe, Ontario

Dec - 02 - 2009

Ted Lewis
Queen's Geography, post-doc
Environmental Extremes and Variability Laboratory (EVEX))
The influence of subtle near-bottom currents on lake processes in a High Arctic lake




Jan - 13 - 2010

Matt DeMille  Queen's Biology, MSc Student
(Tufts lab)
The displacement, activity and spatial distribution of largemouth bass in Lake Opinicon: an evaluation of Murphy Bay fish sanctuary

Jan - 20 - 2010

Dr. Liang Zhang
Queen's University, post-doc
(Campbell lab)
Food web and mercury biomagnification in the Three Gorges region, China

Jan - 27 - 2010
Crystal Hyatt 
Queen's Biology, MSc Student

The effects of shoreline development and climate warming on water quality in the Lake of the Woods: a paleolimnological investigation.

Feb - 03 - 2010


Hilary Dugan  
Queen's Geography, MSc student
( Environmental Extremes and Variability Laboratory (EVEX))

"The formation of hypersalinity in a coastal high arctic lake"

Feb - 10 - 2010
Ceran Sekeryapan  
Visiting Scholar
Middle East Technical University,
Ankara, Turkey
Rapid changes on the coastal lakes located in North-western part of Turkey during the last 3.5 ka



Mar - 03 - 2010
Kathryn McCleary

Queen's Biology,
MSc. Student (PEARL)


  Reconstructing the Historical Environmental Impact of Early Arctic Peoples on Freshwater Systems on Southern Baffin Island.

Mar - 10 - 2010

Derek Gray
Queen's Biology, PhD student
(Arnott lab)
The role of dispersal in the recovery of acid-damaged zooplankton communities in Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario.

Mar - 17 - 2010
Dr. Joshua Kuerk

Queen's Biology,
post-doc, (PEARL)

Phantom midges (Chaoborus sp.) from small, shallow lakes in the Boreal Shield ecozone

Mar - 24 - 2010 Kristina Arseneault
Queen's Biology,
MSc. Student (PEARL)
Biological recovery from acidification in the
Adirondacks (NY, USA)

  Mar - 31 - 2010

Melanie Kingsbury
Queen's Biology,
MSc. Student (PEARL)
The spatial distribution of diatom species along a depth gradient from 8 lakes in northwestern Ontario: providing the empirical basis for depth-based reconstructions

April 7 - 2010

Markus Dyck
Queen's Biology,
PhD student
(Lougheed lab)
Community Monitoring of Environmental Change:
College-Based Limnological Studies at Crazy Lake (Tasirluk), Nunavut

2008-2009 Seminar Schedule

Oct - 01 - 2008 Dr. John Smol Co-Director,
PEARL (Biology)

PEARL Orientation

Oct - 15 - 2008
Dr. Jérôme Marty
Post-Doctoral Fellow,
St. Lawrence River Institute
Increasing connectivity between terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems: What are the effects on carbon cycling in aquatic food webs?

Oct - 22 - 2008 
Chris Lorenz Queen's Biology, M.Sc. Student (PEARL) Fire-Climate relationships at the Forest-Prairie ecotone in Alberta, Canada

Nov - 05 - 2008

Dr. Kathryn Taffs
Visiting Scholar
Southern Cross University, Austrailia
Eutrophication of Eastern Australian Estuaries. A Developing Science.

Nov - 12 - 2008
Shannon MacPhee
Queen's Biology, M.Sc. Student (Arnott Lab)
Thermal regime, spatially-dependent predation
and crustacean zooplankton communities in a
small Boreal Shield lake

Dec - 03 - 2008
Dr. John Johnston * Dept. of Geography and Env. Studies
Wilfrid Laurier University
Five millennial-long paleo-hydrographs for the Upper Great Lakes constructed from ancient shorelines.



Jan - 8 - 2009
Dr. Alexander Wolfe Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alberta
Eocene paleoclimates of the Canadian Arctic:
Back to the Future?

Jan - 14 - 2009
Joshua Thienpont
Queen's Biology, Ph.D. Student (PEARL) Assessing the impact of thawing permafrost on lakes near Inuvik, NWT, Canada using sedimentary diatoms

Jan - 21 - 2009
Jennifer Korosi
Queen's Biology, Ph.D. Student (PEARL)
Developing the use of cladoceran size structure as a paleolimnological indicator of ecosystem change in Canadian Shield lakes

Feb - 04 - 2009

Anneli Jokela

Queen's Biology, Ph.D. Student (Arnott Lab)
Factors affecting the impact of invasive mussels on native freshwater mussels

Feb - 11 - 2009

Melissa Moos
  Queen's Biology, Ph.D. Student (PEARL) Tracking Holocene environmental changes in NW Ontario: A multi-proxy paleoclimatic study
Feb - 18 - 2009

Mar - 04 - 2009

Leah James
Queen's Biology, M.Sc. Student (Arnott Lab)
Effect of the invasive predator, Bythotrephes longimanus, on cisco (Coregonus artedi) in Ontario shield lakes

Mar - 25 - 2009

Dr. Howard Riessen * Department of Biology,
SUNY College at Buffalo

Turning Inducible Defenses On and Off: Adaptive Responses of Zooplankton Prey to a Gape-limited Predator

Apr - 01 - 2009
Kathryn McCleary Queen's Biology, M.Sc. Student
Development of a Diatom-Based Calibration Set for a High Arctic Warm Oasis
Apr - 08 - 2009
Cheryl Wilson
Queen's Biology, M.Sc. Student

A lacustrine sediment record of the last three interglacial periods from Clyde Foreland, Baffin Island: Biological indicators from the past 200,000 years
*Presentations  sponsored by the Great Lakes Research Consortium (many thanks!)


2007-2008 Seminar Schedule

Sep. 26/07 Elizabeth Hatton M.Sc. Candidate, Queen’s University, Biology (S.E. Arnott and L.M. Campbell laboratories) The Role of Invasive Bythotrephes in Lake Food Webs and Mercury Trophic Transfer to Fish
Oct. 3/07 Dr. John Smol Co-Director, PEARL (Biology) PEARL Orientation
Oct. 17/07 Thiyake Rajaratnam M.Sc. Candidate, Queen’s University, Biology (PEARL) Diatoms as Indicators of Water Quality Changes in Urban Lakes from Halifax (NS, Canada)
Oct. 31/07 Dr. Kathleen Rühland Queen's University, Biology (PEARL) Recent Diatom Changes in the Lake of the Woods (Ontario): A Case Study for a Hemispheric-Scale Pattern of Ecological Change
Nov. 7/07 Dr. Mark Noll* State University of New York (SUNY) at Brockport, Earth Sciences Department Cycling of Phosphorus in a Managed Lake Ecosystem
Nov. 14/07 Dr. John P. Smol Queen's University, Biology (PEARL) A Brief History of Paleolimnology: Where Have We Been and Where Might We be Going?
Nov. 21/07 Todd French Ph.D. Candidate, Queen's University, Biology Conservation Status of the White Sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus Richardson (1836)
Nov. 28/07 Alyson Paul M.Sc. Candidate, Queen’s University, Biology (PEARL) Diatom-Inferred Holocene Climate Change in Two Lakes in the Canadian Arctic
Dec. 5/07 Dr. John Casselman Queen's University, Biology Fish and Fisheries: Sensitivity to Climate Change–Response and Adaptation
Dec. 12/07 Dr. Ora Johannsson Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Great Lakes Laboratory for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (Canada Centre for Inland Waters [CCIW], Burlington) Changing Ecosystems: The Impact of Management and Aquatic Invasive Species on the Pelagia of the Great Lakes with Particular Reference to Lake Ontario
Jan. 16/08 Christine Greenaway M.Sc. Candidate, Queen's University, Biology (PEARL) Rapid Recovery of Acidified and Metal-Contaminated Lakes in a Highly Buffered Fume Kill Zone: A Paleolimnological Assessment
Jan. 23/08 Michael S. White Ph.D. Candidate, Trent University, Department of Biology, Watershed Ecosystems Graduate Program, Aquatic Ecology Lab Water Level Fluctuations of Ontario Lakes: Character, Ecological Influence and Impacts of Regulation
Jan. 30/08 Tom Stewart Ph.D. Candidate, University of Toronto at Mississauga, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology The Consequences of Disruption to the Lake Ontario Offshore Food Web
Feb. 6/08 Dr. Bill Nelson Queen's University, Biology Population Growth and Demography of White Sturgeon in the Lower Fraser River
Feb. 13/08 Claire Kaufman M.Sc. Candidate, Queen’s University, Geography, Environmental Extremes and Variability Laboratory (EVEX) Climate Dynamics in Southwest Alaska: Understanding Watershed Response to Climate Variability
Feb. 27/08 Matt Windle Ph.D. Candidate, Fisheries Conservation Group, Marine Institute, Memorial University What Happened to the Cod? An Old Question, a New Approach: The GeoCod Project
Mar. 12/08 Amy E. Tropea M.Sc. Candidate, Queen's University, Biology (PEARL) Diatoms and Scaled Chrysophytes as Indicators of Biological Recovery from Acidification and Metal Contamination in Urban Lakes (Sudbury, Canada)
Mar. 19/08 Dr. Satyendra Bhavsar Research Scientist, Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Toronto Dioxin-Like PCBs: Their Composition in Fish and Risk Assessment
Apr. 2/08 Dr. Tim Johnson Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Glenora Fisheries Station Understanding Ecosystem Change – A Fish’s Perspective
Apr. 9/08 (Room 1120) Dr. Chantal Vis Parks Canada, Cornwall, ON Effects of Nutrients on Aquatic Plants in Streams and Rivers: A Comparison of Sestonic Algae, Benthic Algae, and Macrophyte Biomass-Nutrient Relationships
Apr. 16/08 Dr. A. P. Lino Grima* University of Toronto, Centre for Environment and Department of Geography Will Canada’s Well Run Dry? Policies that Demonstrate that We Value Water
*Presentations by Drs. Knoll and Grima sponsored by the Great Lakes Research Consortium (many thanks!)


2006-2007 Seminar Schedule     

Sep 27/06 Dr. John Casselman Queen's Biology
Long-term dynamics of northern pike recruitment: water level, temperature, impoundment, and adaptation
Oct 11/06 Dr. Neal Michelutti Queen's Biology (PEARL) New applications of reflectance spectroscopy in paleoecology: Inferring recent and long-term climatic change on Baffin Island, Nunavut
Oct 17/06 Dr. Katrina Moser University of Western Ontario Quaternary hydrologic and climatic change inferred from lake sediments, western United States
Oct 25/06 Isla Milne Queen's Biology, M.Sc. Student (PEARL) A high-resolution fossil diatom record of Holocene climate and environmental change in equatorial East Africa
Nov 1/06 Dr. Clifford Kraft* Cornell University Alewife, thiamine deficiency and fish mortality: a scientific "who done it? mystery"
Nov 7/06 Dr. Robie W. Macdonald Institute of Ocean Sciences, Sidney, British Columbia The importance of biochemical time series for understanding recent change in the Arctic Ocean (Royal Society of Canada Miroslaw Romanowski Lecture)
Nov 15/06 Dr. Douglas Hallett Queen's Geography and School of Environmental Studies Fire in high places: Sierra Nevada, California and southern British Columbia
Nov 22/06 Adam Jeziorski Queen's Biology, Ph.D. Student (PEARL) Calcium concentrations of freshwater zooplankton species: tests for impacts of declining aqueous calcium levels
Dec 4/06 Dr. Sherilyn Fritz University of Nebraska's Water Center, Lincoln Limnological and climatic variability in the southern tropical Andes during the last 400,000 years
Dec 8/06 Dr. Norman Yan York University Complications with recovery from acid rain in Ontario: progress, but no cigar
Dec 13/06 Anna DeSellas Queen's Biology, M.Sc. Student (PEARL) Evidence for a shift in the pelagic cladoceran community since pre-industrial times in reference lakes in south-central Ontario, Canada
Dec 18/06 Dr. Alexander P. Wolfe University of Alberta Baltic amber, infrared spectroscopy, and the Paleogene demise of northern European forests
Jan 10/07 Kris Hadley Queen's Biology, M.Sc. Student (PEARL) Assessing Thule Inuit impacts on high Arctic lakes and ponds: a paleolimnological approach
Jan 16/07 (Tuesday, 1:30-2:30PM, Rm. 3110) Dr. Eric Grimm Illinois State Museum, Springfield IL Drought and fire: Implications of recurrent drought cycles in the northern Great Plains
Jan 17/07 (1:30-2:30PM, Rm. 3110) Dr. Roland Hall* University of Waterloo Evaluating a widespread paradigm about the "death" of the Peace-Athabasca delta using paleo-environmental records
Jan 24/07 Justin Shead Queen's Biology, M.Sc. Student (Arnott Lab) Limited biological recovery of Killarney Park lakes from historical acid deposition despite chemical recovery
Jan 31/07 Dr. Todd Howell Ontario Ministry of Environment, Environmental Monitoring and Reporting Branch, Toronto The paradox of water quality on the south eastern shores of Lake Huron
Feb 13/07 (Tuesday, 11:30-12:30, Rm. 3110) Wendell (Bill) Keller Ontario Ministry of Environment and Laurentian University (adjunct) Recovery of acidified lakes: lessons from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Feb 28/07 Sarah Crookshanks Queen's Geography , M.Sc. Student High energy sedimentation in Kluane Lake, Yukon
Mar 9/07 (Friday, 10:30-11:30AM, Rm. 3110) Dr. Sarah Gewurtz Ontario Ministry of Environment and Brock University Approaches for modeling organic contaminants of concern, such as polychlorinated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and polychlorinated naphthalenes in aquatic food webs
Mar 21/07 Dr. Craig W. Hawryshyn Queen's Biology, Tier I Canada Research Chair in Visual Neurobiology and Behavior The visual world of fishes
March 28/07 Dr. Leon Boegman Queen's Civil Engineering Lake hydrodynamics and impacts of stratification on water quality
Apr 4/07 Dr. Kelly Munkittrick Canada Research Chair in Ecosystem Health Assessment and Associate Director, Canada Rivers Institute (University of New Brunswick, St. John) Examining the performance in fish populations in potato growing areas of New Brunswick
Apr 5/07* (Thursday, 3:30-4:30PM, Rm. 3110) Dr. Peter J. Dillon Environmental and Resource Studies, Trent University Long-term changes in boreal lake and stream chemistry: acidification, recovery and the role of climate in carbon cycling
Apr 11/07 Caleb Hasler Queen's Biology, M.Sc. Student (Tufts Lab) The affect of winter on largemouth bass movement and distribution
Apr 25/07 Dr. Jules Blais University of Ottawa Biologically mediated transport of contaminants to aquatic systems
*Presentations by Dr. Kraft and Dr. Hall sponsored by the Great Lakes Research Consortium (many thanks!)
*Jointly presented with the Departmental Seminar Series

2005-2006 Seminar Schedule


Speaker Name


Tentative Title

September 21/05


Jon Sweetman


Queen’s University

Evaluating the Effects of Recent Environmental Changes on Cladoceran Communities in Lakes in the Central Arctic Treeline Region - A Paleolimnological Approach

September 28/05


Dr. Ellie Prepas


LakeHead University

Can't see the Forest for the Trees? Industrial Collaboration and Scientific Enterprise

October 5/05


Dr. John Casselman


Queen’s University

Effects of Climate and Climate Change on Lake Trout Populations and Fisheries


October 12/05



Anita Holtham and Joe Bennett





October 19/05


Journal Club


No Seminar


* October 27/05



Dr. David Schindler


University of Alberta



Hosted by Environmental Studies, Ellis Auditorium 7:30-9:00PM


November 2/05


Laura Lawlor


Queen’s University


Reconstruction of Nova Scotia Brook Trout Lake Histories: A Chironomid-based Paleolimnological Assessment


November 9/05



Todd French







November 16/05


Dr. Astrid Michels



Queen’s University




November 23/05


Dr. Mihaela Enache



Queens’s University




November 30/05


Dr. Ed Mills


Cornell University


Chasing Ecological Change in the Great Lakes: The Lake Ontario Story



December 7/05



Dr. Virginia Card



Metropolitan State University


Diatom life-cycles in the Paleolimnological record



December 14/06






December 21/05

No Seminar

December 28/05

No Seminar

January 4/06

No Seminar

January 11/06

No Seminar


January 18/06



Journal Club



No Seminar


January 27/06 Jointly with Biology Seminar Series




Dr. Scott Higgins



University of Waterloo



Coastal Eutrophication of the lower Laurentian Great Lakes



February 1/06








February 8/06





February 15/06


Angela Strecker



Queen’s University




February 22/06



Reading Week



No Seminar


March 1/06


Daniel Selbie



Queen’s University




March 8/06



Dr. Shelley Arnott



Queen’s University




March 15/06


Dr. Linda Campbell


Queen’s University





March 22/06


Dr. Lars Rudstam


Cornell University





24. March 29/06


Dr. Jani Honkanen



Queen’s University


Pollution of Baltic Sea and Freshwater Lakes in Finland


25. April 5/06





Queen’s University





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