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Department of Biology, Queen's University, Kingston ON, Canada, K7L 3N6

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People at PEARL

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John P. Smol, OC, PhD, LLD (Hon), PhD (Hon), DSc (Hon), FRSC
Canada Research Chair in Environmental Change

Editor In Chief: Environmental Reviews
Editor In Chief: Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research
Phone: (+1) 613-533-6147
E-mail    Research Interests    BiographyJ.P. Smol next to Microscope








Brian F. Cumming, PhD
Phone: (+1) 613-533-6153

E-mail   Research Interests Brian Cumming in a Canoe








Adjunct Professors Associated with PEARL    Adjunct


Research Associates

Kathleen Laird, PhD
Phone: (+1) 613-533-6159

E-mail Kathleen Laird in a Canoe










Neal Michelutti, PhD - Paleolimnology of Arctic and Tropical Regions.
Phone: (+1) 613-533-6159

Daily Planet video
 Neal Michelutti hard at work













Kathleen Rühland, PhD– Environmental and climatic change in lakes and peatlands.
Editor for Environmental Reviews
Phone: (+1) 613-533-6000 ext 77337

Recent CBC Radio Interview    Publications
Kathleen Rühland in waders  



Post Doctoral Fellows

Kris Hadley - Based with Andrew Paterson (MOE Dorset, Ontario)








Adam Jeziorski, PhD - Cladoceran microfossils as indicators of Calcium decline in central Ontario lakes.

Jenny Korosi- Working at Ottawa U in close association with PEARL









Josh Thienpont, PhD-- Recent lake expansion in the Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary, NWT (working at Brock University in close association with PEARL).










Technical Staff

Technical Director
John R. Glew, MSc
Phone: (+1) 613-533-6000, ext 77619
 John Glew in Mexico










Research Technician (Smol Lab)

Chris Grooms, BSc- Bird and bat paleoecology

Phone: (+1) 613-533-6000 ext 74088

Chris Grooms checking oil on a Cessna 152 before a flight



Research Technician (Cumming Lab)

Esteban Camilo Rodriguez Pinto, MSc

Phone: (+1) 613-533-6000 ext 75221




Visiting Scholars

For information on future visiting scholars, click here. (pearlinternal password required)


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