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Field Work Photos

Field work consisted of two types of days: (a) where everything goes according to plan; and (b) memorable days!                          (Buttons below navigate to other pages).

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 Fun & Follies:


"The road less travelled" - hiking into John Dee Lake, Cape Breton Highlands N.P. (Photo: Colin Whitfield)









A curious (and furry) local providing some field assistance in Cape Breton (Photo: Brian Ginn)










Proof that Bill Mason said it best: "Anyone who tells you portaging is fun is either crazy or a liar".  The route between lakes at Kejimkujik N.P. (Photo: Brian Ginn)











Following Bill Mason's adivce by "walking through"; attempting in vain to avoid a portage at Kejimkujik N.P.  (Photo: Brian Ginn)







Brian G. after ten days in the Peskowesk backcountry, Kejimkujik N.P. (Photo: Calvin Chan)









The PEARL field transportation, buried to the axles in mud near Quoddy, N.S. (Photo: Brian Ginn)










Foraging for strawberries at Springfield Lake, Halifax (Photo: Brian Ginn)

(Note similarity with basic primate behaviour below )











Mike and Brian G. experiencing what the Scots call a "soft day" at Churchill Lake, near Yarmouth, N.S. (Photo: Brian Ginn)




The Lakes     Our Work     Fun & Follies


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