Personnel: Principal Investigators

John Smol

John P. Smol, Professor - Queen's University (Theme 1)
John Smol is a paleolimnologist, biology professor, Canada Research Chair in Environmental Change, and co-director of the Paleoecological Environmental Assessment and Research Laboratory (PEARL), at the Department of Biology at Queen's University. His previous research has focused on long-term environmental change in lakes from across North America and around the world.

Lewis Molot

Lewis Molot, Professor - York University (Theme 2)
Lewis Molot is a professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. His research is focused on ecological processes and pollution in lakes, with work on acidification, carbon processing in lakes (photochemistry) and eutrophication while developing management tools (models) to assist environmental managers.

Leon Boegman

Leon Boegman, Associate Professor - Queen's University (Theme 3)
Leon Boegman is an associate professor in the department of civil engineering at Queen's University with research activities that focus on transport and mixing processes in the aquatic environment and their impact upon water quality. His previous research activities include hydrodynamic and water-quality modelling, bio-physical coupling, boundary layer dynamics, hydrodynamic stability and open channel hydraulics.

Personnel: Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Adam Jeziorski

Adam Jeziorski, Postdoctoral Fellow - Queen's University (Theme 1)

Chironomid analyses
Paleolimnological dissolved oxygen reconstructions
Sediment core chronologies

Clare Nelligan

Clare Nelligan, PhD Candidate - Queen's University (Theme 1)

Diatom analyses
Paleolimnological total phosphorus reconstructions

Jiahua Li

Jiahua Li, MSc Student - York University (Theme 2)

Empirical modelling

Aidin Jabbari

Aidin Jabbari, Postdoctoral Fellow - Queen's University (Theme 3)

Computational fluid dynamics
Turbulence simulations and dissolved oxygen modelling