Project Partners

Environment Canada

Environment Canada's purpose is to protect the environment, conserve the country's natural heritage, and provide weather and meteorological information to keep Canadians informed and safe. Environment Canada is building on its accomplishments with the environment through credible science, effective regulations and legislation, successful partnerships, and high-quality service delivery to Canadians.

Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change protects and improves the quality of the environment and coordinates Ontario's actions on climate change leading to healthier communities, ecological protection and economic prosperity for present and future generations.

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry works to promote healthy, sustainable ecosystems and conserve biodiversity (the variety of life on Earth). We conduct scientific research and apply the findings to develop effective resource management policies. The Ministry also manages Ontario’s Crown land, promotes economic opportunities in the resource sector and enhances opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation

The Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation emerged from the collective passion of people who wanted to make sure that the water quality of Lake of the Woods is sustained for current and future generations to come. The Foundation was established as a registered charity in 2005 by a broadly based group of stakeholders committed to protecting and restoring the water quality on the Lake of the Woods.

Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations

FOCA is the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations, a not-for-profit organization representing volunteer associations and individual property owners all across Ontario. FOCA represents the people who live at the waterfront in Ontario, whether seasonally or year-round. Our members are lake and road associations, some very small and some very large, and every size in between.