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PhD Students

Cecilia Barouillet- Paleolimnological assessment of the Bridge River Diversion and climate change on sockeye salmon food web in Seton Lake (British Columbia, Canada).
Donya Danesh- Analysis of pollen and charcoal from lake sediments in Northwestern Ontario to track the long-term Holocene climate.

Anna Desellas- A paleolimnological examination of sedimentary cladoceran assemblages and their relationship to multiple anthropogenic stressors in Algonquin Provincial Park.


Matt Duda- Utilizing paleolimnological techniques to assess the impact of changes in avian biovectors on freshwater ecosystems.

Liz Favot- Assessing long-term trends in diatom and chironomid assemblages in low-nutrient cyanobacterial bloom-affected Ontario lakes.  

Cale Gushulak- Long-scale (10,000 year) climate regime modeling of northeastern Ontario using paleolimnological techniques. Nell Libera- Analysis of biological indicators (diatoms, chrysophytes, and chlorophyll-a) to examine the possible impacts of mink farm effluents on rural Nova Scotia lakes.   Katherine Moir- Investigating how local and regional stressors influence algal community structure in the St. Lawrence River.
Graham Mushet- Investigation on the importance of enhanced atmospheric nitrogen deposition and climate warming on primary production of scaled chrysophytes in northern Saskatchewan.       Carmen Pereira- Assessing long-term data trends to understand multiple stressors on lakes that can cause algal blooms.
 Brigitte Simmatis- Paleolimnological analysis of sedimentary midges and cladocerans in smelting-impacted lakes.
Branaavan Sivarajah- Developing paleoecotoxicological techniques to assess the effects of legacy pollutants on lake ecosystems around Giant Mine, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Robin Valleau- Cladocera and Diatom assemblages to assess the impact of road salt on lakes in Central Ontario.






MSc Students

Zoe Armstrong

Monica Fisher- Reconstruction of Northeastern Ontario's Holocene climate and fire regimes using charcoal and other proxies.

 Shirui Li- Analysing Cladocera and Chironomids assemblages changes in response to multiple stressors at three Kawartha lakes, ON.

Joeline Lim- Using chironomid assemblages to assess the impact of pollution in the Philippines.

Haley Richardson-


Christopher Wilkins- A paleolimnological assessment of Algonquin Provincial Park using sedimentary diatoms as proxies, in order to detect possible anthropogenic impacts since the industrialization of the park in the early 1900's.

Liying (Coco) Xu




BSc (Honours) Students

Kapillesh Balasubramaniam

Josie Britton- Using diatom assemblages to  characterize the relative effects/contributions of climate change and industry on the biota of lakes close to mining operations in the Alberta Oil Sands.

Alice Kim- The harmful effects of freshwater cyanotoxins on the human body.

Connor King-Tracking long term environmental change of peatlands in the Peruvian Andes.

Matthew Marshall  Kathryn Murray- Assessing the impact of road salt use in the GTA area on cladoceran assemblages.

Angie Ng 

Jaedyn Smith








Lab Volunteers, Undergraduate Assistants and Summer Work Students PEARL has volunteer opportunities supporting many lines of research. To find out more contact Chris Grooms.

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