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PhD Students

Julie Johannessen- Tracking the long-term development of shallow oligotrophic lakes using algal assemblages within the context of multiple environmental stressors. Donya Danesh- Analysis of pollen and charcoal from lake sediments in Northwestern Ontario to track the long-term Holocene climate. Cecilia Barouillet- Paleolimnological assessment of the Bridge River Diversion and climate change on sockeye salmon food web in Seton Lake (British Columbia, Canada).

Liz Favot- Assessing long-term trends in diatom and chironomid assemblages in low-nutrient cyanobacterial bloom-affected Ontario lakes.

Cale Gushulak- Long-scale (10,000 year) climate regime modeling of northeastern Ontario using paleolimnological techniques.

Andrew Labaj- Bosmina size structure related to opposing predation regimes.

Clare Nelligan- Using cladocera assemblages to assess environmental change in the Northern Ring of Fire, Ontario.
Emily Stewart- Assessing the relative influences of climate, nutrients, and oxygen on chironomid assemblages using paleolimnological techniques.
Branaavan Sivarajah- Developing paleoecotoxicological techniques to assess the effects of legacy pollutants on lake ecosystems around Giant Mine, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.  

Jamie Summers- Using diatoms to understand environmental dynamics in freshwater systems near oil sands operations in northern Alberta, Canada


Janae Rampone- Assessing changes since Pre-industrial times in cottage lakes in Algonquin Park.  





MSc Students

Matt Duda-

Brett Elmslie- Investigation of the impact of warmer climatic conditions on aquatic life in a small kettle lakes from northern Ontario.

Anya Kochel- A paleolimnological investigation of food-web and carrying capacity changes in Okanagan Sockeye Salmon nursery. lakes.

Katherine Moir- Assessing the influence of species richness on algal productivity in a southeastern Ontario wetland.

Brigitte Simmatis- Using chironomid assemblages to reconstruct hypolimnetic dissolved oxygen in Osoyoos Lake to examine its recovery from cultural eutrophication.

Guy-Thierry Tenkouano- Arsenic Geochemistry in a Historically Contaminated Lake: Paleolimnological Examination of Moira Lake, Ontario,Canada.

Robin Valleau- Cladocera and Diatom assemblages to assess the impact of road salt on lakes in Central Ontario.





BSc (Honours) Students

Aimee Bertin- Observing changes in cladoceran assemblages from pre-industrialization to modern day, in lakes in the Adirondacks.

Mark Giles- Looking for effects of climate change on high-altitude Andean ponds in Ecuador using diatoms as a paleolimnological indicator.

Charlotte Heller- Using diatom assemblages to examine the hurricane history of Grape Tree Pond, a coastal lagoon in Jamaica.


Jennie Moe-

Madi Perrett-

Sydney Hennessy- Observing changes between pre-industrial and modern-day cladoceran assemblages in reference lakes at the Experimental Lakes Area (northwestern Ontario).


Nell Libera-


Hillary Quinn-Austin- A chironomid based reconstruction of deep water oxygen conditions over approximately 200 years in Loughborough Lake, Ontario.



Lab Volunteers,Undergraduate Assistants and Summer Work Students PEARL has volunteer opportunities supporting many lines of research. To find out more contact Chris Grooms.

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