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PhD Students

Cecilia Barouillet- Paleolimnological assessment of the Bridge River Diversion and climate change on sockeye salmon food web in Seton Lake (British Columbia, Canada).
Donya Danesh- Analysis of pollen and charcoal from lake sediments in Northwestern Ontario to track the long-term Holocene climate.

Anna Desellas- A paleolimnological examination of sedimentary cladoceran assemblages and their relationship to multiple anthropogenic stressors in Algonquin Provincial Park.


Liz Favot- Assessing long-term trends in diatom and chironomid assemblages in low-nutrient cyanobacterial bloom-affected Ontario lakes.

Cale Gushulak- Long-scale (10,000 year) climate regime modeling of northeastern Ontario using paleolimnological techniques. Julie Johannessen- Tracking the long-term development of shallow oligotrophic lakes using algal assemblages within the context of multiple environmental stressors.


Graham Mushet- Investigation on the importance of enhanced atmospheric nitrogen deposition and climate warming on primary production of scaled chrysophytes in northern Saskatchewan.     Clare Nelligan- Assessing long-term environmental trends in Ontario lakes that support Lake Trout.
Carmen Pereira- Assessing long-term data trends to understand multiple stressors on lakes that can cause algal blooms.
Branaavan Sivarajah- Developing paleoecotoxicological techniques to assess the effects of legacy pollutants on lake ecosystems around Giant Mine, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.







MSc Students

Matt Duda- Utilizing paleolimnological techniques to assess the impact of changes in avian biovectors on freshwater ecosystems.

Brett Elmslie- Investigation of the impact of warmer climatic conditions on aquatic life in a small kettle lakes from northern Ontario.

Monica Fisher- Reconstruction of Northeastern Ontario's Holocene climate and fire regimes using charcoal and other proxies.

Anya Kochel- A paleolimnological investigation of food-web and carrying capacity changes in Okanagan Sockeye Salmon nursery lakes.

Nell Libera- Analysis of biological indicators (diatoms, chrysophytes, and chlorophyll-a) to examine the possible impacts of mink farm effluents on rural Nova Scotia lakes.

Janae Rampone- Assessing changes since Pre-industrial times in cottage lakes in Algonquin Park.

Brigitte Simmatis- Using chironomid assemblages to reconstruct hypolimnetic dissolved oxygen in Osoyoos Lake to examine its recovery from cultural eutrophication.

Robin Valleau- Cladocera and Diatom assemblages to assess the impact of road salt on lakes in Central Ontario.



BSc (Honours) Students

Aliya Ali- Analyzing changes in Chrysophyte species in the Adirondacks (Wolf Lake, NY).

Aimee Bertin- Observing changes in cladoceran assemblages from pre-industrialization to modern day, in lakes in the Adirondacks.

Allison Covert- Investigating long-term changes in Chrysophyte assemblages in lakes in the Adirondacks

Jennie Moe- Using chironomid assemblages to reconstruct long term deep water oxygen conditions in Limerick Lake.

Madi Perrett- Using diatom assemblages to assess the effects of climate change and contaminants in lakes surrounding ConMine, Yellowknife, NWT.

Maddie Stein- Understanding changes in subfossil Cladocera in response to multiple stressors at Pigeon Lake. 

Christopher Wilkins-




Lab Volunteers,Undergraduate Assistants and Summer Work Students PEARL has volunteer opportunities supporting many lines of research. To find out more contact Chris Grooms.

Sara Baker- I am a volunteer undergrad student who is in my third year, with a passion for limnology and environmental sciences. Deanna Ciccone Winnie Deng- Limnology Is Meeting Nature On Lakes Observing the Globe Year after year.

Casey Loudoun- I am a volunteer undergrad student with a passion for limnology and marine sciences.

Kathryn Murray- I am a undergraduate volunteer in second year biology! I am interested in liminology, oceanography as well as marine and wildlife biology.

Stephanie Pegler- I am an undergrad volunteer in third year biology. I am interested in biotechnology and environmental sciences!

Peter Gladysz-

Auston Chhor-

Natasha Sammut

Peter Hall-

Matthew Agius

Alycea Wood

Jessica Lam