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PhD Students

Julie Andrews- Tracking the long-term development of shallow oligotrophic lakes using algal assemblages within the context of multiple environmental stressors Donya Danesh- Analysis of pollen and charcoal from lake sediments in Northwestern Ontario to track the long-term Holocene climate. Katie Griffiths - Heterogeneity in northern climate trends: Assessing the role of glacial modulation.
Andrew Labaj- Bosmina size structure related to opposing predation regimes.
Jianbao Liu- Assessing the influences of climatic change on ecological changes in North China lakes during the last two millenniums using sedimentary diatom assemblages. Moumita Karmakar- Understanding changes in water quality and quantity from northwestern Ontario over millennia: A multiproxy paleolimnological perspective. E-mail


Emily Stewart- Assessing the relative influences of climate, nutrients, and oxygen on chironomid assemblages using paleolimnological techniques. Jamie Summers- Using diatoms to understand environmental dynamics in freshwater systems near oil sands operations in northern Alberta, Canada



MSc Students

Cecilia Barouillet- Paleolimnological assessment of the Bridge River Diversion and climate change on sockeye salmon food web in Seton Lake (British Columbia, Canada).

Kristen Coleman- Assessing ecological changes and their impacts on mercury transport in Northern Boreal lakes using sedimentary diatom assemblages.

Rachael Melnik-Proud- Diatoms as indicators of environmental and climatic change in High Arctic ponds. Specifically in the Cape Herschel area.


Graham Mushet- Investigation on the importance of enhanced atmospheric nitrogen deposition and climate warming on primary production of scaled chrysophytes in northern Saskatchewan.  

Clare Nelligan- Using cladocera assemblages to assess environmental change in the Northern Ring of Fire, Ontario.

Erin Neville- Long-term response of chironomids to environmental change in the Athabasca oil sands region.

Branaavan Sivarajah- Examining the effects of multiple environmental stressors in lakes and bays near and within Georgian Bay using diatom and chironomid assemblages.

Mackenzie Waller- Predicting the occurrence of nuisance algal blooms (cyanobacteria) in Lake St. Francis through the study of watershed and limnological features, as well as GIS derived metrics



BSc (Honours) Students

Gladys Kong- Analysis of macroscopic charcoal to characterize fire history in the Adirondacks and assess the utility of charcoal morphotype analysis.

Emma Pascoe- Analyzing water quality in Lake Simcoe through the Holocene using diatom assemblages.

Janae Rampone- Examining Diatoms to understand the influence of climate change on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska.


Laura Redmond- The effects of calcium decline on cladoceran assemblages of Crosson Lake, Ontario:  Have low calcium conditions favoured Holopedium glacialis?


Kelly Rentz- Looking at the relative abundances of diatoms throughout the last 10,000 years of sediment accumulation at Lake of the Woods and to determine whether changes in assemblage composition track the environmental history of lake development including changes in climate​.

Spencer Yakaback- The use of paleolimnological techniques to track the impacts of Dorset-Paleoeskimos on a freshwater lake near Port au Choix, Newfoundland, Canada.



Lab Volunteers and Undergraduate Assistants PEARL has volunteer opportunities supporting many lines of research. To find out more contact Chris Grooms.

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