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Basic Laboratory and Field Methods Used at PEARL

Diatom Prep    Diatom Taxonomy    Microscopy    Invertebrates    Freeze Drying/Dating   

   Glew Coring    Core Extruding    Line Attachment    Water Sampling    Safety


A valuable source of paleolimnological methods is the DPER book series Volumes 1-4  DPER - Book Series

Peat and other types of coring video

Line Attachment Procedures for Glew Gravity Corers


The 'jezioro' package for R is a collection of several functions and datasets that simplify some of the work performed at PEARL. The current version (0.18) contains functions to infer spectral chlorophyll a in sediment samples, calculate 210Pb dates, and simplify cladoceran count data, as well as several example datasets calibration sets. 

'jezioro' for Windows        'jezioro' for Linux/OS X        'jezioro' User Guide


For internal METHODS and DOCUMENTS only available to PEARL students and researchers: Click Here. (Password required)


Other Resources

A great source for Canadian topographic maps is

Google Earth Engine is a useful interactive resource for time-lapse mapping of your study area. You can screen capture video for presentations using Snagit or similar.

There are many resources on our links page at

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