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December 2007 Meeting (Murray Anderson's presentation)

1. What is Sysinternals?

1. A set of utilities, mostly they seem to be free.
2. Available from
3. Which now links to a Microsoft web site
4. Since Mark Russinovich has cashed in

2. What utilities are available?

1. Six categories (File and disk, Networking, Process, Security, System information, Miscellaneous)
2. I'll show two of these utilities, Process Explorer, and AutoRuns.

3. What utilities aren't available

1. Undelete (recover deleted files)
2. There was a free undelete, fundelete, when Mark Russinovich had his own site

4. What else is available?

1. Online videos
2. A Forum
3. A Blog

5. Other Utilities (from other sources)

1. Enditall (Dave Kempson has demonstrated this in the past, available at
2. KillProcess, available from Orange Lamp software at
3. Free undelete, available from, for example, and also other undelete utilities from other sources.


Favourite Websites

Librivox -

Gutenberg -

Queen's University Database
for a Project Muse search.
for a list of all the online databases.

Mars Rovers
The Mars Rovers website is at
There are new pictures every day.

Online Video
Those with high-speed Internet might enjoy some of the videos on current affairs at
There are also videos at, for those interested in this subject. I haven't found any videos on "How to make a nuclear weapon - tips and tricks", but will keep you posted.

The magazines contributed to our group from Smart Computers will be available for loan for periods of one week from David Kempson's office in the Miller Hall annex Room XXX Phone ahead 533-2595 to be sure he is available.
The Magazines are as follows:


We also received a 5-Volume Smart Computing Encyclopedia Set with slip cover. This will remain in David's office and can be borowed for use in the building library, Where a copy machine is available ( 10 cents per page ). Check with Dave on availability. A file of User Group Program Tips is also Available at Dave's office.

Video Professor

Available now! Beginner to advanced training CD's are being made available to club members for a nominal handling fee. Currently available are Windows 98, Word 2000, and Excel 2000; for a complete list, see the attached list. For borrowing details, please refer to the memo from Cec Law, and the borrowing form.

Member Survey

New!  Please take the time to complete our new survey of what hardware and software our members are using. This will better help us provide informative programs that are geared to our members needs. To access the form, just click here.

Hot Tips :

(From Smart Computing by way of Ken Carey)

"Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Visit to learn what Smart Computing can do for you and your user group!"

A recent tip of the day from Smart Computing ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Back Up The Registry & Set A Restore Point If you absolutely refuse to perform a whole-system backup, then at least create a Windows System Restore Point and back up your Registry. To create a Restore Point, go to Start, select All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and System Restore. Select Create A Restore Point, click Next, give the Restore Point a name (such as Before Tweaking), and click Create. If needed, you can restore your system back to this point in time on this same screen. To back up your Registry, click Start, select Run, type regedit in the Open field, and click OK. Right-click My Computer and choose Export. Set the Export Range to All, save the file with a name (such as Before_tweaking.reg), and click Save. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copyright 2005 Sandhills Publishing Company U.S.A. All rights reserved.

(From Ken Carey) Tired of all that clicking to turn off your computer when using XP? I came across a tip in PCWorld. Right click the desktop, choose [New-Shortcut] , type [shutdown -s -t 00], click [Next], give the shortcut a name, {for example [Shutdown] }, and click [Finish]. Next time you want to shutoff your machine just click the shortcut icon on your desktop.

Need a driver for that troublesome modem or other peripheral? Do what the professionals do and go to

Need a map? Try . Enter your location and destination to get directions for your trip. (Thanks to Cec Law).

Need to read something in a foreign language? gives a fairly wide selection of languages is another translator, which includes Russian.

Our club 'listserve' is now up and running, thanks to David, Steve, Harry and Queen's ITS who are hosting the list. Try it out, it is a great way to share information with other club members. You can access the list from the web at Please note that when you receive a message from the listserve that you can reply directly to the sender as an individual by replying to his or her address rather than replying to the message. If you simply reply to the message everyone on the list will receive your reply. That may or may not be what you want to happen.

Want some free software that does an intelligent search for you, using the best search engines, and filters the results? If so, try this site

Tired of trying to remember the proper syntax when typing in requests for search engines? If so, try this search engine, which makes use of several other search engines, and accepts queries in plain English Ask Jeeves!