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  Updated 1 March 2011

Marie J. Myers photo

Marie J. Myers 
Full Professor

Faculty of Education
Room A210
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
Canada, K7L 3N6
Phone: 613-533-3032
Ext.: 33032


Marie (Maria) J. Myers

Marie J. Myers (Doctorate in Psychology of Language, Communication and Pedagogical Intervention, Université de Strasbourg, France)  gives courses at the B.Ed level (French and English Second/Foreign Languages, Elementary to Advanced) and at the graduate level (Language and Communication, Language Learning/ Teaching Research). Her research interests include language development and assessment  (with and without the latest computer technologies) from curricular, cognitive and cultural perspectives; pragmalinguistics and sociopragmatics; the grammar of pictures. 

She also has experience as a classroom teacher (France and Canada) and chair of languages (Canada and Germany) and has given graduate courses in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia and VietNam
She began her work in Linguistics at the University of Strasbourg, a center of very active language research and language policy development because of the proximity of the European Council and Parliament. 
 A Canada Council Doctoral Fellowship brought her to Canada where she conducted research for the Languages Bureau and the University of Ottawa. She participated in the Vive Le Français textbook series with Addison-Wesley from 1976-1985. She was a member of the National Study of Core French Language Syllabus Team in Canada
Before coming to Queen's in 1992 she was a Tenured Associate Professor in the French Department at Dalhousie University

CV  updated 1 February 2013

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