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Manuscript "Ghosts"

One of the intriguing aspects of working on Opie is the quest for materials that were known in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but which have since fallen from view. Below we list manuscripts referred to in critical sources, but which we have not yet been able to locate. Brightwell refers to a number of manuscript sources no longer readily available, and Janet Macgregor offers a detailed account of the manuscript sources she consulted for Amelia Opie: Worldling and Friend. Any assistance with tracking these items down would be very much appreciated!


The Painter and his Wife

The most tantalizing manuscript is that of Opie's final novel. Brightwell quotes from a letter to Elizabeth Fry by Opie concerning this work: "As it is possible that thou mayst have been told that new novel from my pen, called "The Painter and his Wife" is in press, I wish to tell thee this is a falsehood; that my publishers advertized this only begun work, unknown to me, and that I have written to say the said work is not written, nor ever will be" (192). Janet Macgregor describes the Carr Mss. in Amelia Opie: Worldling and Friend as containing "Adelaide, the second act of a Roman play (no title); synopsis of a play in Gothic style, The Painter and his Wife (all by Amelia Opie)" among other material.


Notebook of Poems

Brightwell describes "an old manuscript book containing her earlier poems, many of which she afterwards published" (38).


Autobiography and Journals

Brightwell quotes copiously from Opie's journals and a short autobiography. Macgregor mentions a "journal of Mrs Opie's Cornwall trip" among the Carr MSS. We have not been able to locate these papers.


Account of the Anti-Slavery Convention of 1840, day 2

Brightwell quotes from an account of the second day of the Convention. We have located an uncatalogued account of the first day of the Convention at the library of Williams College (see above), but no trace of day two.


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