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Life Portraits Works Music Bibliography


Prose Fiction in Annuals, Anthologies, and Periodicals


1829   “The Last Voyage,” pp. 78-85

1833    “Poor Rosalie,” pp. 256-95

Christian Keepsake and Missionary

1835    “The Contrast,” pp. 195-204


1795    “The Nun,” 2: 137-43.

European Magazine

1823    “False or True,” 83: 505-16; 84: 20-33
            “The Shipwreck. A Tale Founded on Fact,” pp. 297-303

Finden’s Tableaux

1839    “The Novice. A True Story,” pp. 57-60

Friendship’s Offering

1824    “A New Tale of Temper,” pp. 66-93
            “A Tale of Resignation,” pp. 209-3

1825    “A Tale of Disobedience,” pp. 155-84

1829    “Surprises; or, the Return Home,” pp. 152-60


1830    “Suspicious Circumstances,” pp. 225-64

Juvenile Forget Me Not

1829    “Frank and His Dog,” pp. 186-92

1830    “The Birthday,” pp. 148-56

1831    “The Blow Forgiven,” pp. 161-5

New Year’s Gift

1830    “The Restless Boy,” pp. 155-9

Pledge of Friendship

1828    “Rejected Addresses,” pp. 361-71

Winter’s Wreath

1829    “Old Trees and New Houses,” pp. 399-403




Life Portraits Works Music Bibliography

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