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Non-Fictional Prose in Annuals, Anthologies, and Periodicals


1829    “A Walk in the Temple Gardens in the Summer of 1827,”
            p. 96-102

British Lady’s Magazine and Monthly Miscellany

1815    “Sketch of the Character of the Late Mrs. Roberts,” 1: 89-92

Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal

1840    "Recollections of an Authoress--The Countess de Genlis," 8: 402-3

1841    “Recollections of an Authoress--Harriet Countess of Rosslyn,
            Sir Walter Scott” 9: 2
            "Recollections of an Authoress--Alexander Wedderburn," 9: 20
            "Recollections of an Authoress--George Canning," 9: 45

Christian Keepsake and Missionary Annual

1838    “Who Was Mary Magdalene?” pp. 71-4

European Magazine

1822    “Lines, Written on the Anniversary of the Funeral of a Beloved
            Friend, April 1822,” p. 504

1822    “Observations on Lying,” 82: 101-5 (signed ‘Philo-veritas’)

Gentleman’s Magazine

1815    “Sketch of the Character of Mrs. Margaret Roberts,” 85, 1: 81-3

Lady's Magazine, or Mirror of the Belles Lettres, Fine Arts, Music, Drama, Fashions, &c.

1831    “Recollections of a Visit to Paris in 1802,” Improved Series 4: 1-8,
            65-70, 126-33, 186-90, 247-51, and 296-99; Improved Series 5: 17-19,
            and 87-9

Spirit and Manners of the Age

1829    “A Walk in the Snow in the Winter of 1829,” pp. 348-54

Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine

1840    “Recollections of Days in Belgium,” ns, 7: 177-83, 293-301



Life Portraits Works Music Bibliography

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