The Amelia Alderson Opie Archive
1808 The Warrior's Return and Other Poems
British Critic, 34 (Aug. 1809): 183-184. *


Mrs. Opie’s Poems are generally of the plaintive and melancholy cast, and are expressive of strong feeling, united with a natural taste for poetry.  The tale mentioned in the title page is a very tragical one, of a father, who returning home to his family, after a long absence in the Crusades, finds that, by a strange combination of circumstances, he had there killed his own son.  The second is a no less sorrowful tale of a Nun, who destroys herself for love.  We turn from these hopeless distresses to the following pleasing picture of conjugal affection.

[quotes “Song” “Yes, thou art changed … And read my blessings there.”]

            We conceive that the second edition, in this title-page, means only that many of the poems have been separately printed before.  There is an elegant frontispiece.


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