The Amelia Alderson Opie Archive
1805 Adeline Mowbray; or, the Mother and Daughter
Monthly Review, ns 51 (1806): 320-1.


These volumes are, both in their design and execution, so superior to those which we usually encounter under the title of novels, that we can safely recommend them to the perusal of our readers. We wish, nevertheless, to hint to Mrs Opie, that her work would be improved by a more strict attention to the proprieties of some of her expressions, which at times are affected, and at others inelegant: but we forbear to point out instances, under the persuasion that our caution is already sufficient to a writer who possesses so much good sense.

It is the intention of this work to portray the lamentable consequences, which would result from an adoption of some lax principles [321] relative to a rejection of matrimonial forms, which have been inculcated by certain modern writers.


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