The Amelia Alderson Opie Archive
1802 Poems
European Magazine, 42 (July 1802): 43-4.


We have formerly had occasion to speak in terms of commendation of this Lady's talents as a moral Novelist. Of the elegant little volume of poems now before us, the contents are chiefly of the pensive cast; but the subjects are, in general, well-chosen; the style is easy and flowing; and the thoughts have frequently the twofold merit of justness and originality.--We subjoin the following specimen:

[quotes "Lines  Written at Norwich on the First News of Peace"]

            The "Epistle to a Friend" on New Year's Day 1802 we should gladly select for its poetical merits; but justice to the Author forbids our taking farther liberty in the way of extract. We, therefore, conclude with saying, that Mrs. Opie's literary character will certainly receive additional lustre from the present volume.


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