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1802 An Elegy to the Memory of the Late Duke of Bedford
Monthly Review, 38 (May 1802): 99.


This ingenious lady's feelings, on the mournful subject which here employs the Muse of woe, are generally expressed in warm and harmonious numbers; for instance,

'To thee, lamented shade, the Muse shall raise

The ardent song of unsuspected praise;

Hers the soft pensive pleasure to impart,

The genuine feelings of no venal heart,

And with the honours that bedeck thy bier

Mix the pure incense of a soul sincere.

Yet hard the task:--while busy memory flies

To the great day when first thou mett'st my eyes,

Oh! dreadful contrast! fancy's restless power

That moment paints thee in thy dying hour,

Till the sad scene my shuddering soul appalls,

And from my grasp the Muse's pencil falls.'

The poem, however, does not thus conclude, for it is here only just begun. The rest of the Elegy is employed in celebrating the truly noble and illustrious House of Russell.


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