LINKS about Bird Colours
Links to Authors of Hill and McGraw 2006 Bird Coloration Harvard Univ Press
Innes Cuthill Colour perception in birds
Steffan Andersson Quantification of avian colouration
Robert Montgomerie Analyzing bird colours, Cosmetic and adventitious colours in birds
Kevin McGraw The mechanics of carotenoid and melanin colouration in birds
Richard Prum Anatomy, physics, and evolution of avian structural colours
Rebecca Kimball Hormonal control of avian colouration
Nick Mundy The genetic basis of colour variation in wild birds
Geoff Hill Environmental regulation of avian colouration
Gary Bortolotti Natural selection and avian colouration: protection, concealment, advertisement or deception?
James Dale Intraspecific variation in bird colours
Rebecca Kilner The evolution of colour in young birds
Simon Griffith Benefits of assessing bird colour displays
Alex Badyaev Towards a new evolutionary synthesis of animal colour displays
Ian Owens Ecological explanations for interspecific variation in plumage colour
Kevin Omland Ancestral state reconstruction of bird colouration
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Colour Vision and Colour Deficiency
Colour Vision and Colour Space
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Colour Vision Data
Colour Vision in Humans and Birds
Human Vision and Colour Perception
How do we see colour?
Bird Colour
Birds and Lighting
The Colour of Birds
The Wonder of Bird Feathers
Bird Vision
Bird Brain and Vision
Bird Vision - What do they see?
Avian Vision Research Group
Bird Eyes
Evolution of the Avian Vision System
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