Hill and McGraw (eds) 2006 Bird Coloration Harvard Univ Press

This is a landmark publication summarizing the current state of knowledge about bird coloration, from measurement and analytical techniques through mechansisms of color production and the various ways that selection has shaped the colors of bird. Available in March 2006 from HUP, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chapters etc.

Volume 1 Methods and Mechanisms

I. Perception and Measurements
1. Color Perception
Innes C. Cuthill
2. Quantification of Coloration
Staffan Andersson and Maria Prager
3. Analyzing Colors
Robert Montgomerie
4. Effects of Light Environment on Color Communication
Marc Théry

II. Mechanisms of Production
5. Mechanics of Carotenoid-based Coloration
Kevin J. McGraw
6. Mechanics of Melanin-based Coloration
Kevin J. McGraw
7. Anatomy, Physics, and Evolution of Structural Colors
Richard O. Prum
8. The Mechanics of Uncommon Colors: Pterins, Porphyrins, and Psittacofulvins
Kevin J. McGraw
9. Cosmetic and Adventitious Colors
Robert Montgomerie
III. Controls and Regulation of Expression
10. Hormonal Control of Coloration
Rebecca T. Kimball
11. The Genetic Basis of Color Variation
Nicholas I. Mundy

Volume 2 Function and Evolution

I. Function
1. Natural selection and avian coloration: protection, concealment, advertisement, or deception?
Gary R. Bortolotti
2. Intraspecific variation in bird colors
James Dale
3. Bird colors as intrasexual signals of aggression and dominance
Juan Carlos Senar
4. Female mate choice for ornamental coloration in birds
Geoffrey E. Hill
5. The function and evolution of color in young birds
Rebecca M. Kilner
6. Benefits to female birds of assessing color displays
Simon C. Griffith and Sarah R. Pryke
7. Female coloration in birds: a review of functional and non-functional hypotheses
Trond Amundsen and Henrik Paern

II. Evolution
8. Colorful phenotypes of colorless genotypes: Towards a new evolutionary synthesis of bird color displays
Alexander V. Badyaev
9. Ecological explanations for interspecific variability in avian coloration
Ian P. F. Owens
10. Adding color to the past: Ancestral-state reconstruction of bird coloration
Kevin E. Omland and Christopher M. Hofmann

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