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Jon Miller

Associate Professor of Philosophy


Current courses: 2012-2013

Past courses:

In my more than ten years at Queen's, I taught a number of courses, including:

In addition, I led directed reading courses on various topics, including: happiness; Spinoza's metaphysics; Leibniz's Theodicy; facts and values in pragmatism; late renaissance and early modern conceptions of method; and various issues in Stoicism.

Besides Queen's, I have also taught at other universities. At the University of Minnesota in the fall of 2006, I taught two courses: a third year undergraduate class on comtemporary moral problems and a senior seminar on African philosophy. At the University of Uppsala in the fall of 2004, I offered two courses - an undergraduate seminar on facts and values, and a graduate seminar on early modern representationalism. Also at Uppsala, Lilli Alanen and I ran a seminar for faculty and advanced graduate students on Spinoza. At the University of Toronto, I gave two logic courses: one, the standard introduction to logic required of all undergraduates (and some graduates); the other, a seminar for advanced undergrads and grads on modal logic. If you would like information about any of these, please contact me.