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Course Description

Literary non-fiction is a broad term describing a range of writing genres, all of which have two simple things in common: they are written in prose (as opposed to poetry) and they deal with non-fictional subject matter (as opposed to novels or short stories). In a sense, literary non-fiction is the documentary film of the literary world, and as with documentaries, literary non-fiction essays and books represent a vast range of styles and subject matter. WRIT 290 offers students an opportunity to study and write works of literary non-fiction. Through readings, exercises, forum discussions, and writing assignments, students will develop a greater sense of how literary non-fiction can work as a creative form of writing. The course will culminate in the publication of an e-book containing students’ final literary non-fiction writing assignments.

Methods of evaluation include written assignments, online quizzes, and class participation in the form of contributions to an online forum.

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Course Information

WRIT 290 is a Queen's University online course. Log on to onQ with your Queen's NetID for complete information. All documents on this Web page will also be found on the WRIT 290 onQ site.

Teaching Assistants

Please see onQ for your TA's contact information.

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WRIT 290 Course Syllabus (Winter 2019) (coming soon)

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Writing Assignments

Writing Assignment General Instructions (Course Syllabus Appendix A) (coming soon)

Writing Assignment 1 Instructions (Course Syllabus Appendix A1)

Writing Assignment 2 Instructions (Course Syllabus Appendix A2)

Writing Assignment 3 Instructions (Course Syllabus Appendix A3)

Writing Assignment 4 Instructions (Course Syllabus Appendix A4)

Writing Assignment 5 Instructions (Course Syllabus Appendix A5)

Discussion Forums

Discussion Forum General Instructions (Course Syllabus Appendix B) (coming soon)

Grammar Exercises

Grammar Exercise General Instructions (Course Syllabus Appendix C) (coming soon)

Style Exercises

Style Exercise General Instructions (Course Syllabus Appendix D) (coming soon)

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Supplementary Readings

Writing Centre Handouts

Grammar Exercise 1

1. Subject/Verb Agreement

Grammar Exercise 2

2. Modifiers and How to Use Them

Grammar Exercise 3

3a. Pronoun Agreement

3b. Avoiding Sexual, Racial, and Ethnic Stereotyping

Grammar Exercise 4

4a. Commas and Dashes

4b. Sentence Fragments, Comma Splices, and Run-Ons

Grammar Exercise 5

5a. Colons and Semicolons

5b. Sentence Building and Punctuation Made Simple

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Other Materials

Grade Conversion Scale (Course Syllabus Appendix Y)

Statement of Academic Integrity (Course Syllabus Appendix Z)

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