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Montreal Poetry: A Micropedia is a resource developed by Dr May and his ENGL 466 classes, "The Montreal Group," two seminars taking place in the Winter tem of the 2012-2013 academic year and the Autumn term of the 2013-2014 academic year. As part of their class seminar presentation, students in ENGL 466 were responsible for contributing a biographical sketch of a Montreal poet, close readings of that Montreal poet's work, and a list of bibliographical sources. Montreal Poetry: A Micropedia will remain on Dr May's Web site is a miniature repository of resources for the use of future students and readers of Montreal poetry.



"Advice to a Young Poet" by Leo Kennedy

Patrick Anderson

"Armaments Worker" by Patrick Anderson

"As the Mist Leaves No Scar" by Leonard Cohen

"Autobiographical" by A.M. Klein


"Business As Usual" by Leonard Cohen

"A Bright Swan for My Daughter" by Leo Kennedy

"Brummel at Calais" by John Glassco


"Calling Eagles" by Leo Kennedy

"Calvary" by F.R. Scott

"The Canadian Authors Meet" by F.R. Scott

"The Candles: Dorchester Street" by Patrick Anderson

"The Cardinal's Dog" by John Glassco

"Charity" by F.R. Scott

Leonard Cohen

"Cold Colloquy" by Patrick Anderson

"Creed" by F.R. Scott

"The Creek" by A.J.M. Smith


"The Death of Don Quixote" by John Glassco

"A Definition of Poetry: A Reply to a Request" by A.M. Klein

"Departure" by F.R. Scott


"Edward Drew" by Patrick Anderson

"Efficiency" by F.R. Scott

"Elegy" by Leonard Cohen

"Elegy" by Leonard Cohen

"Epithalamium" by Leo Kennedy

"Epithalamium Before Frost" by Leo Kennedy


"Fly in Autumn" by John Glassco

"For Bryan Priestman" by F.R. Scott

"For the Sisters of the Hotel Dieu" by A.M. Klein

"For the Sisters of the Hotel Dieu" by A.M. Klein

"From Colony to Nation" by Irving Layton


"The Genius" by Leonard Cohen

John Glassco

"A Grain of Rice," by F.R. Scott


"Heirloom" by A.M. Klein


"Keine Lazarovitch 1870-1959"

Leo Kennedy

A.M. Klein


"Lakeshore" by F.R. Scott

"A Lass in Wonderland" by F.R. Scott

"Laurentian Shield" by F.R. Scott

"Lest We Forget" by F.R. Scott

"Letter to Girls" by Leo Kennedy

"Like an Old Proud King in a Parable" by A.J.M. Smith

"Lines" by John Glassco

"Lone Bather" by A.M. Klein

"The Lonely Land" by A.J.M. Smith


"Martinigram" by F.R. Scott

"M Bertrand" by A.M. Klein


"Memorial to the Defenders" by Leo Kennedy

"Modern Poetry" by F.R. Scott

"Mole Talk" by Leo Kennedy

"Montreal" by A.M. Klein

"The Music Crept By Us" by Leonard Cohen


"National Identity" by F.R. Scott


"Old Song" by F.R. Scott

"The Only Tourist in Havana Turns His Thoughts Homeward" by Leonard Cohen

"Overture" by F.R. Scott


"Perennial" by Leo Kennedy

"Political Intelligence" by A.J.M. Smith

"Political Meeting" by A.M. Klein

"A Portrait, and a Prophesy" by A.J.M. Smith

"Portrait of the Artist as Landscape" by A.M. Klein

"Prothalamium" by A.J.M. Smith


"Revolutionary Greeting" by Leo Kennedy

"Rink" by Patrick Anderson

"The Rocking Chair" by A.M. Klein

"The Rocking Chair" by A.M. Klein


"Saturday Sundae" by F.R. Scott

F.R. Scott

"Sestina on the Dialectic" by A.M. Klein

"Shakespeare" by Irving Layton

A.J.M. Smith

"A Soldier's Ghost" by A.J.M. Smith

"Soiree of Velvel Kleinberger" by A.M. Klein

"Spiv Song" by Patrick Anderson

from Squire Hardman, by John Glassco

"Story" by Leonard Cohen

"Story" by Leonard Cohen

"Summer Camp" by F.R. Scott


"Teleological" by F.R. Scott

"Testament" by Leo Kennedy

"Trees in Ice" by F.R. Scott


"Universal Peace: 19--" by A.J.M. Smith


"Vagrant" by F.R. Scott


"The Whole Hog" by John Glassco

"Windfall" by F.R. Scott

"The Wisdom of Old Jelly Roll" by A.J.M. Smith

"W.L.M.K." by F.R. Scott

"Words for a Resurrection" by Leo Kennedy

"Worse Verse" by A.M. Klein

"Writing in Canada: A Reply to a Questionnaire" by A.M. Klein


"You Have the Lovers" by Leonard Cohen

"You, Spanish Comrade" by Leo Kennedy





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