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ENGL 465 (FW)


Course Description

ENGL 215 is a survey of Canadian literature in English from the Confederation period to the present day. Through the study of representative works of Canadian poetry, prose, and drama, students will trace the development of Canadian literature from its origins as an outgrowth of British literature to its establishment as a discrete national literature with its own distinct voice, set of traditions, and diversity of subject matter.

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Course Information

ENGL 215 is a Queen's University online course. Log on to onQ with your Queen's NetID for complete information. All documents on this Web page will also be found on the ENGL 215 onQ site.


Teaching Assistants

Please see onQ for your TA's contact information.

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ENGL 215 Course Syllabus (Spring and Summer 2017)

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General Instructions for Essays (Course Syllabus Appendix A)

Essay 1 Topics (Course Syllabus Appendix A1)

Essay 2 Topics (Course Syllabus Appendix A2)

Essay 3 Topics (Course Syllabus Appendix A3)

Essay 4 Topics (Course Syllabus Appendix A4)

Micropedia Article

General Instructions for Micropedia Article (Course Syllabus Appendix B)

Discussion Forums

General Instructions for Discussion Forums (Course Syllabus Appendix C)


General Instructions for Symposiums (Course Syllabus Appendix D)

Symposium 1 Discussion Questions (Course Syllabus Appendix D1)

Symposium 2 Discussion Questions (Course Syllabus Appendix D2)

Symposium 3 Discussion Questions (Course Syllabus Appendix D3)

Symposium 4 Discussion Questions (Course Syllabus Appendix D4)

Final Examination

Final Examination Format (Course Syllabus Appendix E)

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Supplementary Readings

(coming soon)

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Other Materials

Grade Conversion Scale (Course Syllabus Appendix F)

Statement of Academic Integrity (Course Syllabus Appendix G)

Symposium 1 PowerPoint

Symposium 2 PowerPoint

Symposium 3 PowerPoint

Symposium 4 PowerPoint

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