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ENGL 215 (F)


Course Description

This course is designed to promote interest in and appreciation for modern and contemporary prose fiction by introducing students to a selection of the most influential short stories and novels of the twentieth century. The course will provide students with a vocabulary for reading and discussing twentieth-century works of prose, and it will explore some of the most important themes, ideas, and preoccupations in modern and contemporary prose fiction. American, British, Canadian, and world authors will be represented.

Evaluation methods will include written assignments, class attendance and participation, periodic quizzes, and a final exam.

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Course Information

ENGL 160 Class Location

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ENGL 160 Class Hours

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Teaching Assistants

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Departmental Student Council (DSC) Representatives

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ENGL 160 Course Syllabus (2018-2019) (coming soon)

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Essay Assignments are posted to this Web site three weeks before the essay's due date.

How to Submit a Late Essay (Course Syllabus Appendix A)

Final Examination

Final Examination Format (Course Syllabus Appendix X)

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PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations are posted to this Web site within 24 hours of class.

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English Department Web Site

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Queen's University Department of English OWL Gateway

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Other Materials

Grade Conversion Scale (Course Syllabus Appendix Y)

Statement of Academic Integrity (Course Syllabus Appendix Z)

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