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Welcome to the EEB Seminar Series!

The Ecology, Evolution, and Behaviour Seminar Series occurs weekly throughout the fall and winter terms. We meet in the EEB seminar room beside the lunch room on the fourth floor of Biosciences Complex. Seminars are typically 40-50 minutes in duration beginning at 12:30pm. Speakers (and audience members) are a mix of students, postdocs and faculty from Queen's and other institutions as well. Preceeding each talk (beginning 12:15), coffee, tea and treats are served to induce conversation. All welcome! The 2013 fall term schedule will be run by by the Friesen Lab; should you have suggestions for speakers please contact:

Seminars for Fall 2013

12 September
Kim Lemmen Queen's Arnott Lab Species response to rapid environmental change in a Subarctic pond.
19 September
Bob Montgomerie Queen's His own fine self. Magnus opus.
26 September
Rebecca Taylor / Paul Finigan Queen's Friesen Lab / Tufts Lab Wolbachia in wild British moths: prevalence, phylogeny and horizontal transfer / Effects of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) on aquatic benthic macroinvertebrate communities
3 October
Nick Cairns Queen's Lougheed Development of turtle bycatch reduction devices in a diverse inland fishery.
10 October
Julie Morand-Ferron Ottawa Lougheed Cognition, ecology, and evolution in wild populations of Paridae.
17 October
Thomas Harder/Bill Rogerson Aquatarium Friesen An Intro to Aquatarium Research  Level 101
Tuesday October 22 2:30 in Biosci 1102
Tony Gaston Environment Canada Gabriela Ibarguchi Arctic Ice.
31 October
Vicki Friesen Queen's Friesen Lab Time is the essence: A conservation (hopefully) on the role of breeding time in speciation.
7 November
Paul Martin Queen's Martin lab The paradox of the Birds-of-Paradise: Persistent hybridization as a signature of historical reinforcement
Friday 8 November*
Chris Martyniuk University of New Brunswick Valerie Langlois Sex steroid production and feedback: Novel perspectives from molecular profiling in the teleostean gonad.
14 November**
Ehab Abouheif McGill Chippindale What have EvoDevo and supersoldier ants taught us about how evolution works?
21 November
James Sinclair Queen's Arnott Effect of an invasive consumer on zooplancton communities are unaltered by nutrient inputs.
28 November
Jessica Rico Trent University Eckert TBA
5 December
12 December
19 December

* Joint EEB/Departmental Seminar

** This is a combined EEB/BIOL440 talk.

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